Cheater’s Chicken Soup

Although winter has been very good to Chicago this year, I know that there will be many many frigid nights to come that may lead to feelings of frozen-ness such as this:


Bring back memories? Never let go Jack, never let go.

(PS: I never understood why he just didn’t get out of the water and lay next to her on the floating debris…I digress)

So, because this is not a post about the Titanic, I will now share my recipe for “cheater’s” chicken soup.  I call it a “cheater’s soup” because I use a store-bought rotisserie chicken.  This saves tons of time and gives a delicious flavor!

By the time I get home from work I don’t have time to cook a whole chicken, make stock, and then make a soup.  This version takes about 30-40 minutes from start to finish.

Cheater’s Chicken Soup:

-1 rotisserie chicken (you can get these at any grocery store for $4-5

-Variety of vegetables: I use celery, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, corn, chayote (a Mexican squash), zucchini, cilantro, and onions

-Bouillon cubes or chicken broth

-For garnish: cilantro and limes (this will make it more of a caldo de pollo or Mexican style chicken soup)



First, put a pot of water on to boil or start boiling your chicken stock



While the water is warming up, chop all your vegetables



Once the water is at a rolling boil add your bouillon cubes or powder.  I like to use this Knorr’s Caldo de Pollo.  If using store bought chicken stock, skip this step.


Add all your vegetables to the boiling liquid


Then, take the best part of this recipe, the rotisserie chicken, and take off all the meat




After. Yum, chicken!

Add the chicken to your vegetables and broth, place lid on the pot, and let it all simmer until the vegetables are soft.  This takes around 15-20 minutes depending on how thickly you chopped your veggies.

And that’s it!  You have some yummy chicken soup!

*Sometimes I add rice to the soup for extra heartiness.  If adding rice, wait until the water is boiling, and then add your desired uncooked rice.  By the time the vegetables are cooked the rice should be done as well.*


I like to add cilantro and lime (big surprise, I LOVE lime!) to mine. 


This soup is very easy to make a big pot of so there are lots of leftovers the next day! Pair with some crusty bread and you have a homey heart-warming meal.



  1. I added Titanic to my Netflix queue months ago and finally got it a few days ago. I watched all by myself as hubs and baby were sleeping. I just really missed it.

    Awesome recipe btw. Awesome pictures and cute blog in general. It’s always fun to find fellow Chicago bloggers.

  2. Looks so yummy!! Cant wait to try it. I laughed out loud- literally- at your Titanic Jack comment. Too funny!

  3. Thank you so much for linking up to the Recipe Party @ The Sweet Spot. I hope to see more great recipes from your blog next week!

  4. Looks yummy. Sounds great too.

  5. Thanks so much for linking up! Hope you again Sunday :)

  6. That’s a great shortcut!! I don’t know why I never thought of this! Great idea! Thanks for the tip!

  7. I really like this idea for nights when you need something quick – yet homey. :) Our “Pesto Cavatappi in 15 minutes” is very similar. In it takes to boil water, you can have a copycat of Corner Bakery’s yummy pasta.

    Great suggestion, Sarah!
    ~ Dana

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