What do you want YOUR BLOG to be when it GROWS UP?

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A with my response to emails, comments, and such.  I’ve just been SUPER sick with strep throat.

I’ll try my best to be caught up on the mountains of emails by the end of the weekend.

Just wanted to really quickly let you all know that I am going to be co-hosting a linky party tomorrow with some of my fabulous fellow bloggy buddies (PHEW try saying that five times fast!.)

 This is your chance to share with us all your dreams, goals, and aspirations for your blog.  Plus, you’ll get to know your fellow blogger friends a little bit better by reading about their blog dreams, goals, and aspirations.

It’s going to be a great time and I hope you’ll all link up!

PS: This is a blog hop so if you link up here you’ll automatically be linked with my other co-hosts

PPS: The party will stay open for a whole week so don’t fret if you haven’t written up a post yet.

PPPS: Feel free to grab the button below and spread the word!


  1. This is an awesome idea and I will definitely be contributing! I am working on the list of posts I am going to do next week and I just wrote this one down. Super excited!!!

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. Strep throat is awful!!!


  2. Awesome idea, I’ll definitely be participating.
    p.s. I’m giving away ad space today… :)

  3. So sorry about your throat, I’ve been fighting it off for a week at least:)

  4. I hope Mr. Ly is pampering you with ice cream and cold things for your throat.


  5. Sarah, I have wee one (okay, 11 year old) home with strep this week. It’s her third time this winter!

    Oh, and in your button grab code (on the first button) you need to put your URL in where it says LINKHERE …


  6. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Love this one. I’m going to have to think about a good post. You have great ideas and I enjoy your writing.

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