Our BIG News…we’re moving to Taiwan!


Once in awhile something comes along and changes your whole life.  That “thing” for me and Dave was our trip to Taiwan last summer.



My parents have lived there for the last 10 years so I’ve been lucky enough to visit many times.  However, this was Dave’s first trip.

We had a wonderful time and saw all the beautiful things that Taiwan has to offer.




I even went go-carting for the first time…it was terrifying!

But God had us there for a bigger reason than just to have a good time. 

He was working on our hearts.  

As soon as we got back to Chicago, Dave was a changed man.  He kept talking about how much he felt a strong pull to go back to Taiwan…to live and to serve.

I was definitely not feeling the same way, and for several months Dave had to pray about this alone. 


Slowly but surely God was working in my heart and fast forward to January…I was ready to go too!



We both feel called to follow the words of Christ and to go and bring His light to a very dark place.

  We both feel that there are so many more important things in this world that just following the “American Dream.” 

We just want to empty ourselves so that we can be filled with God. 

We want to cut loose the things that have us tied down so we can be free to serve Him in anyway He calls us to.



Right now we feel that He has called us to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and we intend to stay there until He calls us to leave.


There are so many more things to share, but I’ll end this post for now. 

Please keep us in our prayers during this exciting time of transition!  I can’t wait to share more details soon.


Kaohsiung, Taiwan—our home to be!


  1. Oh my gosh! How exciting for you both! When God calls me to something I’m unsure of, I have to remember that “fear and faith can’t ride in the same boat”! Good for you guys! I do hope you’ll keep up your blog, it will be fun to follow along.

  2. YAY! best of luck! i knew when i saw the lanterns you were moving somewhere in that area!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I am seriously SO excited for you guys. I will be thinking of you guys on this journey. Best of luck and be sure to keep us posted!!!

  4. Wow! That’s a big change! Good luck on the journey!

  5. Moving !?! That is seriously BIG news. I’m glad you are both on board and have such a clear vision/calling for it.


  6. That is HUGE news!!!! My co-teacher and her husband travel to Taiwan to visit a girls’ home they help sponsor there… I’m always amazed by the beauty of the place and the people. God speed! Can’t wait to hear the details.
    Heidi :)

  7. Half the battle is trusting the call when it comes.


  8. Wow! What an amazing journey is ahead of you! Isn’t it amazing when God calls us to his purpose. Can’t wait to hear all about it!


  9. Sarah, how very amazing for you. Very exciting and thrilling and you and your husband will do wonderful things in Taiwan …

    … and I’m hoping that you will blog about all those wonderful things so that we can follow you on your journey …



  10. May God bless and protect you on your new journey!

  11. Wow! That is big BIG news! Those pictures are so beautiful.

    Best of luck!!!


  12. Wish you luck to your new assignment! I bet this is going to be challenging and interesting too!

  13. What a beautiful message you are sending to others. I admire your courage and faith. Good luck and I can’t wait to follow along on your journey!

  14. How exciting – life is all about change and adventure and doing what is in your heart!

    Hope you keep us up to date every step of the way!

  15. This is SO exciting!! Just reading your post awakened something in my heart, a desire to do exactly what you’re doing. My husband and I have talked about just selling everything and moving somewhere far away to follow God, and how exciting that would be, and how much we want our lives to be filled with purpose and to do something dramatic, but God has not called us to do it yet. :) So I will live vicariously through you! Your post is so inspiring!

  16. How exciting to decide to follow that call! We look forward to all your posts.

  17. Sarah, I’m an old friend of your Dad’s and read on his newsletter about your decision to join the work in Taiwan. First, I’m grateful for God’s work in you. I’ve followed the chapters of your life since you were born. I’m not just stirred by your decision to go to Taiwan but also your desire to be emptied of self and full of Christ.

    Second, as a parent I can imagine the joy your Mom and Dad have at the thought of you joining the work where they have been pouring out their hearts. I celebrate for them.

    Third, I celebrate the kingdom work that God will accomplish through you and Dave.

    I pray God’s guidance and provisions for you both in this transition.
    Scott Brewer

  18. Oh my gosh!
    I’m so excited for you both!

    God will do amazing work through you – how exciting! I really hope you continue blogging – even if it ends up being less often. Darn, guess we won’t be hanging out in the world’s nosiest restaurant eating tappas anymore! But, Chicago’s loss is Kingdom’s gain.

    I’m so happy for you!

  19. This is awesome! When purpose come calling and you follow knowing it will all be for the best. International living is the bomb. :)

  20. I stumbled onto your webpage through a search regarding His Hands Taiwan. Seeing as how this post wasn’t written that long ago, I’ll like to say: Welcome to Kaohsiung! Is your family already there and settled? I immigrated from Taiwan when I was 9. My hometown is Kaohsiung, and my parents still live there. I’ve been waiting and praying a long time for the possibility of being able to return and set roots again in Taiwan, so this post struck a chord with me. I hope everything is coming together for your family.

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