Star Student!


We have a star student, friends.  And you might remember her as our DOUBLE star student from a few weeks ago.

Danni is an amazing student, geesh! She’s done pretty much every single homework assignment that we’ve given.  Great job!

Here is her homework from our Trade School session when Zoe was teaching us how to add alt tags to our photos and make them more search engine friendly:

danni homework


And here is your (third!) gold star:

gold star button


Trade School is back TOMORROW!

I know we’re a week late in this, sorry.  But, we have Stacey from A Sort of Fairytale as our teacher so we’re in good hands. 

Hope to see you all there!

trade school button


  1. Gee thanks Sarah! I take your Trade School seriously. Free School?? I’m there! I like to learn all I can, why not? And because I’m such a suck up….I thought I’d tell you that the only one I didn’t do was the “Make a Pillow”, because I’m intimidated by sewing. But…I was so mad at myself for not doing that, I finally broke down and did it too.

  2. Way to go Danni!! looking forward to tomorrow’s installment!

  3. Way to go Danni!


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