11 Months Old


This precious baby just keeps getting more beautiful each month!



*Pushing buttons on toys and interactive books (over and over and over…)

*Standing independently while holding objects (for short times)

*Slurping noodles and drinking from a straw sippy cup

*Turning pages of books

*Saying “mama”, “book”, “bath”, and sometimes “da” (daddy)

*Give high fives consistently and can “blow kisses”

*Can sign “all done”

*(FINALLY) sleeping for longer stretches at night!






*First professional photo shoot

* Lots of play time with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents

*Spending 21 hours on the same plane (travel horror story coming back home!)

*Getting quality time with great-grandma (who now lives in Taiwan, too)

*Getting a fourth tooth

family1 elevenmonths4




*Pushing buttons on toys

*Laughing (and making herself laugh all the time)

*Reading stories, and turning the pages

*Mom and dad

*Eating!  She loves noodles, blueberries, kiwi, sweet potatoes, and apple sauce

*Getting chased around the house and getting “scared”

*Playing peek-a-boo

*Her blankie and sucking her thumb

*Going out to new places and discovering new things

family2 elevenmonths2

elevenmonths3 airplane

10 Months Old


Our little girl has officially reached the double-digit months.  How can that be possible???



*Standing independently (for a few seconds)

*Walking very fast while holding onto hands

*Can play “peek-a-boo” by herself by holding a blanket over her face and pulling it down

*Can eat out of a food pouch by herself

*Babbling “buh” all the time!  She also says “muh”, “duh”, and “guh”

*She said her first real word “mama” and will call out to me sometimes






*So many memories this month! First time on a plane, and first time in America!

*Meeting all her cousins and uncles and aunts

*First Christmas and New Years

*First time going to the zoo (and touching a real snake!)

*First jet lag experience (it was a ROUGH few days!)

*First time really experiencing nature and spending time lots of time outside

*Getting her third tooth, and first tooth on the top row







*Her blankie!  She has become quite attached to it (well, she has 3 copies of the same blanket) and it instantly brings her comfort

*Along those lines, she still loves sucking her thumb

*Reading books—she squeals in delight when we read one to her, and now she likes turning the pages herself

*Making other people smile and laugh by making her “scrunchy face”

*Walking!  She knows exactly where she wants to go and will “steer” whomever’s hands she is holding in the direction she wants to go. If you try to make her go somewhere else she will just sit down.

*Eating cheese and mixed vegetables

*Spending time with other children, especially her cousins




9 Months Old


We are now through 3/4 of the year!  Time is flying!


new skills

*Easily walking while holding onto both (or one!) of our hands

*Lowering herself low to the ground to see under things, or to crawl under things

*“Expressing herself” through screaming and tantrums

*Finally saying more “buh” and “muh” sounds, as well as buzzing her lips

*Cruising around every inch of the house

*Opening drawers and pulling out their contents






*First time swimming in a pool, and loved it!

*First time swinging

*Celebrated Halloween at Daddy’s school

*First Thanksgiving spend with lots of friends

*Getting a second tooth (and boy, did it hurt!)

*First ride on the MRT (subway), but she was a little scared

*Officially can make her first sign, which of course is “milk”

*Can give “high five” when asked

*Hair is finally long enough to wear barrettes




favorite things

*Eating solid foods (pretty much anything, especially “puffs”) and drinking from her sippy cup

*Her blankie

*Reading books—she can now sit and listen to 5-6 books at a time

*“Walking” around the house

*Making scrunchy faces and watching us laugh at her

*Sucking her thumb

*Getting out of the house and going on new adventures

*Watching and interacting with other babies

*Following mommy and daddy around the house

*Banging her hands on tables and other surfaces




8 Months Old



Isn’t our girl a beauty?  I just can’t believe how “grown up” she looks in this picture!


new skills

*Cruising around on all of our furniture!

*Expertly pulling herself up onto anything and everything

*Supporting herself, while standing, with only one hand or a few fingers

*Standing on tip toes

*Able to solve small problems

*Picking up small pieces of food




*Getting her first tooth

*Going to the zoo for the first time

*Hiking on Monkey Mountain

*Lots of time with play group friends at different locations around Kaohsiung

*Starting to sleep with “blankie”

*Riding in the shopping cart

out and about1

out and about2


favorite things

*Eating all kinds of solid foods, and drinking out of mommy’s cup

*Reading books

*Sucking on her thumb, and just about everything else

*Cruising around and challenging herself to cross bigger gaps in the furniture

*Rolling around and snuggling in mommy and daddy’s bed

*Getting “scared”

*Laughing at all the silly faces and silly things that people do


Seven Months


Charlotte Grace is getting so big!  This month I’m going to keep the update short and sweet Smile


new skills*Sitting up completely by herself*


*Climbing up onto furniture, in her crib, and on people’s legs*

*Starting to cruise on furniture*

*Eating lots of solid foods, and loving them!*




    *Sleeping in her own room*

    *Starting to go to a play group with lots of other friends*

    *Sitting in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time*


    out and about


    favorite things

    *Sucking on toys, sippy cup, thumbs, and toes*

    *Looking at herself and mommy/daddy in the mirror*

    *Reading books*

    *Climbing on everything and exploring the house through crawling*

    *Blowing raspberries*

    *Playing peek-a-boo games*

    *Being tickled and giggling at many things*


    6 months old


    Our  baby is officially half a year old!  How can it be?


    I know I’m biased, but isn’t she the cutest little girl you’ve ever seen???

    Six.months.old.  It’s hard to believe so much time has passed, so quickly, but here we are with this precious little baby girl who seems so grown up these days.  This months was all about Charlotte becoming more aware of what her body can do, and in turn, becoming more mobile.  She can now roll from back to tummy on both sides, and from tummy to back.  She doesn’t roll from tummy to back very much outside her crib, but when she’s in her crib she does it a lot. 

    In addition to being mobile from rolling, she can also inch herself backwards.  She raises herself up on her arms very high, and pushes back.  She hasn’t figure out how to scoot forward yet, which seems to be a source of frustration for her.  She will see a toy, reach for it, but she isn’t able to get to it.  She just pushes herself farther away from it, and then she grunts in frustration.  I know she’ll be able to figure it out soon, and when that happens she will be quite the handful.  

    push up collage

    Towards the end of this month she started lifting her hips and legs off the ground too.  She can push her bottom way up in the air, and she is also starting to tuck her knees under her in true crawling form.  She’ll stay in that position and rock back and forth, not sure what to do next.  Once she coordinates moving her arms forward, she will be on her way!  I predict we are going to have a crawler within the next six weeks!


    Another large developmental milestone she reached this month was the ability to sit up by herself.  It was one of those things that I hadn’t really been working on with her, I just sat her up one day, scooted away from her, and was amazed when she kept sitting there.  She still needs some occasional support from the back and sides, but she can sit for 5 minutes (if her attention span lasts that long) and play.  She really is into sitting up and knocking down these soft blocks because she has learned that when her hands hit something, something interesting happens!


    Wow! Rolling, scooting, and sitting all in one month.  She has been super busy!

    A week before she turned six months, we decided to start introducing some solid foods to her.  We weren’t planning on her actually ingesting much, just wanted to start getting used to the idea of having another taste in her mouth besides breast milk.  We cut a banana in half, and trimmed the peel down at the top so she could taste the fruit. 

    It took a while before she even picked it up,



    but after she did her faces were pretty priceless. 

    banana 2

    As you can tell, she wasn’t really crazy about it.  After this I tried mashing some of the banana and feeding her with the spoon, but she still didn’t really like it.  I’m not in a huge hurry to incorporate solids into her diet, so we’re just taking things at her pace for now. 

    Not only did Charlotte make huge developmental milestones this month, she also went on her first vacation…to the beach!  There is a place called Kenting that is about 1 1/2 hours away, and we went there for three days with my parents and brother. (Dave had two weeks off of work due to summer vacation!)  We stayed in a hotel that is walking distance from the beach, but only went to the beach for one day.  The first day we went to an indoor water park because we thought it would be easier for Charlotte to nap there (she didn’t nap much on the car ride there and had been awake for 5 hours, which is very, very long for her).  Even at the water park it took a portable bed, battery operated fan, and complete exhaustion to get her to finally sleep.


    The second day of vacation we went to the beach and she felt the ocean for the very first time.  She didn’t cry or fuss at all, which is not surprising since she loves baths so much. 

    beach 3

    We spent 5 hours at the beach, and she only napped a little, so while it was fun to see her at the beach it probably wasn’t too fun for her.  Next year she’ll actually be old enough to play in the sand and enjoy the beach a little bit more.  Here are some pictures from the trip:

    beach 1

    beach 4

    beach 2

    A few random notes from this month:

  • Here eyes are still mostly blue, but have started to turn a light brown around the pupil
  • She said her first “word” (or consonant sounds) which was “mmmmma mmmmma”.  I know she doesn’t know that she is saying my name, but it’s nice to pretend!
  • She now understands that she is her own separate being, and so is a little wary of strangers and strange surroundings.  She will usually cry if there is a “new friend” who tries to hold her without her first giving them a full analysis safe from her mommy’s or daddy’s arms.  She also has started whining when she sees us leave the room, and likes us to be in view of her.
  • She still doesn’t have any teeth, but has been showing teething signs for a few months now.  She has been pretty fussy the last few days, so perhaps that means a little white cap is about to appear.
  • She likes being “thrown” up into the air, and loves it when we “scare” her with silly sounds (wow, that makes us sound like good parents…)
  • She laughs now at funny faces, sounds, and while being tickled or kissed.
  • She still is in size 6 months clothes, but will be switching to 9 month pajamas any day now.

    Like each previous month, Charlotte continues to be a happy and healthy little girl.  We praise God that she has never been sick, and continues to meet (and exceed!) all her developmental milestones.  What a privilege and joy it is to watch her change and grow each and every day!

    Here are some other things she has been up to this month:





    We love our goofy girl!!!

    5 Months Old

    This past month flew by so fast…SOOOOO FAST!!!!!


    This picture makes me smile and breaks my heart at the same time.  She looks so cute, but she also looks so grown up in this photo!  I feel like time is going by too quickly, and I already feel like she’s hardly a “baby” anymore.  (Also, this outfit, though cute, was a pretty terrible idea for this photo shoot.  This is one of the few photos that the skirt isn’t in her mouth or over her face.)

    At five months old she is in the 85th percentile for weight (about 17 pounds) and 95th percentile for height (about 26 inches long).  She is now wearing six months clothes, but has already outgrown some of them!  Thankfully it’s just certain brands, so she should be able to wear the rest of her clothes for (hopefully) at least a few more weeks.

    The biggest change in Charlotte this month is the fact that she learned to roll over from her back to her tummy!  She can only roll to the right, but lately has been doing more side lying on her left side, so I expect that she will roll in that direction soon.  I had been working with her almost every day at the beginning of the month to try and get her to roll over, and one day she just did it!  And, unfortunately, almost immediately I regretted my hurry to get her to roll over.  She started rolling in her crib during naps and at night, but since she can’t roll from tummy to back, she would just start screaming!  She has never really liked being on her stomach, so every time she would roll over she would fuss for about 30 seconds and then full-on WAIL!  We’d go in and roll her to her back, but she’d just roll right back to her stomach a few seconds later.  The first two nights after she learned to roll were pretty brutal.  In addition to waking up to eat, she’d wake up because she’d roll over too.  She didn’t want to be on her stomach, she didn’t want to be rolled to her back, it was very frustrating.  Thankfully, this only lasted 2-3 days.  During one of her naps she rolled to her tummy, but instead of screaming, she just fell asleep.  Now she sleeps on her tummy 95% of the time! I would never have guessed she’d be a tummy sleeper, but that just goes to remind me that she is always changing and full of surprises!


    First time sleeping on her tummy!

    Now that she is on her stomach so much more, her arm strength has improved dramatically! She can push herself up so high that I’m surprised she hasn’t rolled from her front to back yet.  She also doesn’t mind tummy time anymore, and hardly spends much time playing with toys on her back anymore.



    Charlotte got a new addition to her toy repertoire this month, her jump-a-roo!  She has always loved to bare weight on her legs and “stand” (since three months old) so I knew something that would allow her to use her legs would be perfect for her.  I was able to buy a used one, in almost perfect condition, and she LOVES it!  Watching her in the jump-a-roo has been a great way to see how quickly she learns things.  It took her less than a day to figure out how to jump, and then over the last few weeks she has figured out how to turn around in it, and work all the different “stations.”  She is such a smart little girl!

    jumparoo collage


    Her personality is also really starting to come out.  She is mostly a very happy-go-lucky girl as long as she is fed and gets her naps (like most babies!).  But she is also extremely curious!  She loves to look at, study, and feel everything.  She has a hard time nursing because she is distracted by every little noise or stimulation.  It gets a bit annoying when I’m trying to get her to eat, but I’m also glad that she is so interested in the world around her.  She loves to smile at mommy and daddy, and is also letting us hear that precious laugh more and more.  She is using her voice more and more, and her favorite noise to make is a breathy kind of growl.  She is getting louder ,and it’s clear to see that she is liking the sound of her own voice.



    Her eating and sleeping are similar to last month.  She still eats every 2 1/2-3 hours during the day, and at night she wakes up every 3-4 hours to eat.  Thankfully her night feeding sessions only last about 15 minutes, so I’m getting more sleep these days.  I know that many people want their babies to be sleeping through the night at this age, but I am really trying to cherish our night feedings.  Those feedings are the only times she stays still anymore, and they just remind me of how our nursing used to be.  Would more interrupted sleep be nice?  Sure.  But I know that this night waking is such a small part of her life, and she’s already growing up so fast, I’m actually enjoying our times together in the wee hours of the night. 

    This past month we celebrated the Fourth of July, her Uncle Stephen’s 21st birthday, mommy and daddy’s 5 year anniversary, and the moving of my parents (her grandparents) to a new apartment about 20 minutes away.  We are sad my parents no longer live a short five minutes from us, but we still get to spend lots of time with them.  She loves her grandparents and uncle!


    Her thumbs are still her main source of comfort (besides mom and dad, of course) and she continues to use her mouth to explore the world around her.  On the last day of the month she also finally found her feet!  She’s been starting at them for months, and grabbing them when sitting on our laps, but now when she’s on her back she’ll reach and grab them.  It’s so precious!

    She is such a source of joy in our lives, and I can’t believe that the next time I post she will be half a year old!  Here are some more things she’s been up to this month:




    4 Months Old

    Wow, I really feel like I could write a book about all that has happened this past month. 


    When I think back to last month’s post, it seems like she is almost a different baby now!  I know ‘time flies by’ and ‘they grow up so fast’ are pretty clichéd statements, but they are TRUE! 

    She currently weighs about 16 pounds, and is wearing 3 month clothes still (except 6 months in pajamas), but I think in the next couple weeks we will be switching to all 6 months clothes since she is such a long little thing.

    I think I’ll start with probably the most “life changing” difference (and I’m really talking about my life here…) is how much her sleeping habits have improved!  Since birth Charlotte has really liked sleeping in someone’s arms (what baby doesn’t!) but seemed unable to sleep by herself during the day.  Naps during the first two months weren’t so bad because I was happy to be holed up in the bedroom with her 24/7.  But by three months my floors were pretty filthy, and I was ready to have a little bit of freedom from my little munchkin.  In last month’s post I shared how she was taking her naps in the baby carrier only, which meant I was pacing around my apartment for 4-5 hours a day to accommodate her four naps (she wouldn’t let me stop moving or she would wake up).  She also was waking up every 1 1/2-3 hours each night, and I was physically and mentally exhausted.

    IMG_1991This was my life. Exhausting.

    Then right around 3 months 1 week a miracle happened!  Through a bunch of random “accidents” and God given grace, we figured out she slept much better unswaddled, would soothe herself by sucking her thumb, and was capable of putting herself to sleep at night.  That first night it happened she slept for stretches of 3-4 hours and we were in shock!  So, since she had shown us that she was developmentally capable of putting herself to sleep, we decided the next day to try and see if she could do it for naps in her cribs.  We definitely hadn’t planned on doing any “sleep training” this young, but we felt like the night before had been God’s way of letting us know she was ready to sleep by herself.  For her first nap that day she cried for 1 1/2 hours and never went to sleep.  During that time we didn’t leave her alone to cry, we sat in a chair next to the crib and every few minutes would rub her chest and hands and tell her “it’s alright.”  I was pretty much sure that she wasn’t ready to sleep in her crib yet, but we decided to try again for her next nap.  For the next nap she cried for 30 minutes (again, we were sitting next to her crib, reassuring her that we hadn’t left her alone) and the fell asleep.  The third nap it took about 15 minutes, and the same for the fourth.  That night she put herself to sleep for bedtime with absolutely no crying, and again slept for longer stretches than she had before.  The second day of napping in her crib, she fell asleep for 3 out of the 4 naps with no crying whatsoever.  I couldn’t believe how quickly she adjusted!!!

    So now I get several breaks a day to clean my house, bathe myself, and just have some “me time.”  It’s awesome, guys.  She only sleeps for about 45-50 minutes of a time, but we’re working on trying to get her to take really restorative naps (which should be ideally 1 1/2 hours).  It’s all a work in progress, but I am so thankful that she is  now sleeping in her crib all the time!  Thank God for her thumbs! (she sucks the left and right, and doesn’t really seem to favor one over the other).


    Speaking of sucking her thumb, in the last month she has become obsessed over putting just about everything into her mouth.  It started with just her thumbs, but now she sucks on several fingers at a time, or just sticks her whole fist in her mouth.  She also loves sucking on toys and has just started trying to put our hands into her mouth.  Her favorite toys this month are her O ball, and her light-up seahorse, and she still loves playing on her play mat.



    Charlotte is eating every 2 1/2- 3 hours throughout the day and about every 3 1/2- 4 hours at night, which feels so strange to me! When she was first born it felt like all I was doing was breastfeeding, and now it seems like such a small part of our day.  I have to admit that I do feel sad about that, and already “miss her” in the sense that we don’t have those really close moments anymore.  I think other breastfeeding mamas can understand…it’s a blessing not to be “tied down” anymore, but it is also a feeling of loss.

    This month Charlotte got to celebrate two big things: Father’s Day and the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup!  Although she didn’t technically watch the game (no TV for our little stinker, although she LOVES watching it when she can sneak it), I think she was their good luck charm Winking smile.  Charlotte really loves her daddy so much.  She “talks” to him more than anyone else, and when he is around her she always stares at his face and smiles. 


    For Father’s Day I made Dave a video from pictures of him with Sophia, Champ, and Charlotte, and Charlotte and I did a little secret photo shoot to make him this picture:



    Developmentally she has changed so much this month! In addition to being able to pick up, hold, and bring toys to her mouth, she also has started rolling!  She has rolled from her front to back 3 times, and is so close to being able to roll from back to front unassisted.  Just a week ago I was wondering when she’d start showing signs of being able to roll, and as if she read my mind, during one nap I looked at the baby monitor and saw this:


    (Since it’s kind of hard to see, I added the arrows to show the changing direction of her body)

    Now it’s totally normal for her to sleep at the top of her crib, or the bottom.  Vertically or horizontally (meaning crib direction, she doesn’t sleep standing up…)


    She easily rolls from back to side, and now will turn her head under in an attempt to get all the way over.  When she hits this step kind of gets a little stuck and usually turns back onto her back.  But if I give her butt just a little tap, she’ll pull herself all the way over now (see video below). I’m sure in a week or two she’ll have this skill totally mastered, and my life is going to get a little more complicated!

    She is getting more and more comfortable with tummy time, although we still struggle to keep her on her stomach for more than 5 minutes at a time.  But the fact that she is still progressing in her developmental milestones makes me realize that each child needs different amounts and not to cling to what the internet says is “normal.”


    Her smiles are given all the time now, and in the last week we got our first real laughs.  You can hear those sweet giggles at the end of the video below.

    Since she is becoming so much more active, pictures are just no longer an accurate representation of her development.  So, I put together a short little video showing our little girl in action this month: Four Months Old!


    Finally, here are some other things Charlotte has been up to this month:



    3 Months Old

    Another month has passed, and Charlotte keeps growing!  So much to share about this month:










    Taking this month’s picture was definitely more difficult than last month’s.  Charlotte is much, much more active.  I know this picture is a little blurry but I chose it because it shows two things that really represent this month for Charlotte: smiles and her obsession with her feet.  Throughout the entire “photo shoot” she kept lifting and kicking her legs, all in an attempt to get her feet closer to her hands and mouth.

    Charlotte started staring at her feet a few weeks ago, and pretty much anytime she is sitting up (and not distracted by a toy or a face) she is just staring at her feet.  She hasn’t figured out how to grab them yet, but she is close!  She will smile at her feet, kick them back and forth, and just watch her toes wiggle.  It’s the cutest thing!

    The world has really come alive to Charlotte this month.  You can tell she is so much more aware of what is around her, and she never wants to stop observing it all.  This past week she has been so excited about playtime that she doesn’t want to spend much time eating.  This worried me at first (I was worried she wasn’t getting enough calories) but apparently this is pretty typical behavior for her age.  She makes up her calories at night—unfortunately—because during the day she just can’t be bothered to eat for more than 5 minutes at a time.

    Speaking of calories, Charlotte now weighs just over 14 pounds! She is gaining a pound about every two weeks, and is currently between 75th and 95th percentile for height and weight.  She is still wearing three months clothes, but it won’t be for much longer.  She is so long that it’s starting to get harder to get those snaps closed on her onesies.

    Last month she started smiling, but they were few and far between.  This month her smiles abound from the moment she wakes up to the time she falls asleep at night.  When she smiles it’s not with just her mouth, but her whole face scrunches up.  She already has a horizontal wrinkle across the bridge of her nose from her face-scrunching smiles!  She smiles the most when a person smiles at her first, but she also smiles at toys, her feet, books, and even the walls sometimes.  With her smiles have come her first laughs.  She isn’t doing any real belly laughing yet, it sounds more like a single “HA!” with a small burst of air.  We have heard her belly laughs, but only while she is sleeping.  I wonder what she dreams about that could make her laugh so much…


    In terms of eating, as I mentioned above, she has changed her usual feeding behavior recently.  Last month she was still eating every two hours during the day, and now she eats every 2 1/2- 3 hours.  She also went from 30-45 minute nursing sessions to sessions that sometimes only last 5 minutes!  Again, this abrupt change has me a little concerned, but she is still having plenty of wet diapers and she keeps gaining weight.  She took a bottle for the first time since she was in the NICU, but only really once and now she refuses it.  I was hoping she wouldn’t mind a bottle so I could get out of the house a little more, but I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer.  Last month I mentioned her irregular stools, and unfortunately they haven’t changed.  I am still not eating dairy products, and this week have cut out soy products too.  Her pediatrician is aware that the condition is persisting, but doesn’t seem too concerned since she doesn’t have any other signs of discomfort and her weight gain is good.  She also still has thrush, and it is proving very difficult to get rid of entirely!

    Sleep has definitely been the most difficult aspect of her life.  Last month she was having trouble sleeping during the day, and that hasn’t really changed.  Well, to clarify, she is actually sleeping very well during the day now, but not in her bed.  Now she takes almost all of her naps in the baby carrier, which means I spend about 3-4 hours pacing around my house each day while she sleeps.  I can sit down for some of the time, but usually after 10 minutes of me sitting she starts to stir so I have to stand up and keep walking around.  Our little princess is very particular!  We are going to try and use a long weekend Dave has off from work to start training her to sleep in her bed during the day.  I expect this will involve lots of crying, which is why we’re doing it when Dave will be home (I can’t stand to hear her cry!).  Thankfully, she still has no problem sleeping in her crib at night, but she isn’t even close to sleeping through the night.  Her bedtime routine consists of a bath at 6 PM, then a lotion massage and pajamas put on, followed by a long feeding session at 6:30 PM.  She usually nurses for about 45-60 minutes because she knows it’s her last time to eat before bedtime, then I put her in bed at about 7:30 PM.  Unfortunately, I still see her 3-4 more times before the morning.  Her waking times are kind of sporadic (sometimes sleeping for 4-5 hours, sometimes only 1 1/2-2 hours).  I’d say that I average 5-6 hours of broken sleep each night.  I am PRAYING that next month’s report will have an average that is at least an hour more…

    In regards to her physical development, she is tolerating tummy time a bit more these days.  She used to cry within 30 seconds of being placed on her stomach, but now she will go a few minutes before she starts to fuss.  She LOVES to be put on her play mat, and now reaches for and grabs some of the toys hanging around her.  There is a tiger that plays music and has lights that flash, which hangs in the center of her play mat, and she is obsessed with it.  As soon as we turn it on she just smiles and giggles and stares at it.  She can entertain herself for up to 15 minutes on the play mat, which is a big change from last month.


    She has rolled from her side to her tummy a few times, but none were on purpose.  She hasn’t attempted trying to roll over from from to back yet, so I think we are a ways away from that.  She does use her legs to push herself, and I sometimes find her a few feet away from where I place her on the ground.


    She continues to love sucking on her hands and arms, and has recently gotten much better and getting her thumb into her mouth.


    Another new discovery for Charlotte is books.  In just the last weeks she has started to really look at and enjoy books.  She likes to stare at the pages for awhile, and will follow my finger as I point to different things on the page.  Her favorite books are ones that have shiny pictures in them, and she also really seems to like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The only way she really seems to enjoy tummy time is when we lay her over my breastfeeding pillow and prop up books in front of her.

    Besides the troubles with sleep, this has been my favorite month with Charlotte so far!  I feel like her personality is really starting to become clear, and it is such a joy to watch her find delight with some many things around her.  This month I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day with a baby outside the womb, and the first Mother’s Day that was cloaked in sadness.  How blessed I am to be her mother!


    Here are some shots of Charlotte’s life this month:

    thirdmonthcollage1 thirdmonthcollage2thirdmonthcollage3

    2 Months Old


    Another month has passed in the life of Charlotte Grace! She is definitely not a “newborn” anymore (not just in clothes…she wears 3 months now) but in her behavior and development.  This month has  been so fun because we saw the emergence of her SMILE!



    Her favorite place to flash her gorgeous grin is on her changing table.  Something about that changing table is pretty magical to her, and no matter her mood, once you lay her on it she will just start smiling.  It’s the funniest thing!  In the past few days she has started really reacting to Dave and I and smiling when she sees us.  That is just heart melting.  It makes the long sleepless nights and the long fussy days all worth it.  To know that she really knows us now, and smiles in response to us, is just the best.

    This past month she has grown A LOT—2 1/2 pounds and over an inch in length!  Each time we give her a bath I discover a new little roll under her neck or on her thighs, haha.  From the beginning I have been a little scared about being able to provide enough calories for her from just breastfeeding, and I think this last month really confirmed that we’re doing just fine.  She just feels more “substantial” now and not so much like a frail newborn. 




    Charlotte got to spend lots of time with her grandparents from America while they were here, and also continued to get lots of love from her grandparents who live here in Taiwan (my parents live about 5 minutes away.) 




    We celebrated our first Easter with Charlotte, and it was extra special because she also got dedicated at our church.  It was awesome getting to have both sets of grandparents there.  The short service was definitely emotional since it was something we had always dreamed of doing with Sophia.



    Development wise, Charlotte continues to be right on track!  Her neck control has gotten even better (despite HATING tummy time) and she can push her chest off the ground and hold it up using her arms as support.  When she lies on her back we’re already starting to see the beginnings of her rolling over because she turns her head to the side really far and tries to kick her legs.  In the last few weeks she has started reaching for and batting at toys, although her aim is not very good yet.  Her eye sight has also developed more so she can follow me with her eyes and head as I move around the room.  She now gets comforted (or at least stops crying for a few seconds) when she hears our voices, and really loves to be sung to.  Another big discovery for Charlotte this month is her hands!  She loves to suck on them (usually both at the same time) and she is trying hard to find her thumb more and more.  I love this new milestone because she can soothe herself for a few minutes by sucking on them, which buys me a few more minutes of getting chores done.


    This month has been a bit challenging with her day sleeping.  She continues to sleep fairly well at night (she still gets up every 2-3.5 hours to eat), but during the day it is almost impossible to get her to sleep by herself.  I have to hold her, or lay next to her, or put her in the baby carrier in order for her to take a nap.  This just means that unless Dave Is home, I really can’t do anything else during the day.  We try to do the same techniques during the day as at night, but once the sun comes up she is over sleeping in her crib!  I really hope that in this upcoming month she will start to nap by herself, and in her crib, during the day so I don’t feel so exhausted and COMPLETELY tied to her all the time.  If any of you have any advice/tips on this please feel free to share!

    We do have a few prayer requests for her health.  First, we discovered that she has thrush in her mouth.  Thrush is not really harmful, just an overgrowth of yeast, but it can be really hard to get rid of and causes some soreness in her mouth.  Please pray we’ll be able to get rid of it quickly so she gets some relief and is not on medication for a prolonged period.  Secondly, and a little more serious, is we need prayer for her intestinal tract.  For the past 5 weeks she has had irregular stools (sorry for the TMI) and a test showed she also has blood in her stool.  Usually this is a sign that she has an allergy to something in the breast milk.  The most common allergy is to cow’s milk, so I have cut out all dairy in my diet, but so far her stools are the same.  Yesterday she had another check for blood and we’ll know the results in a day or two.  Thankfully, Charlotte doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort because of this condition.  Still, prolonged mucous and blood in her stool, and diarrhea isn’t good for her.  Please pray that we will have wisdom to know what is causing these irregularities (whether it be another food I need to eliminate from my diet), and that this will not cause any damage to her little body.

    Overall, though, Charlotte continues to be a very healthy and happy little girl!


    As a stay-at-home mom I try to take each day at a time, and remember that one bad day doesn’t mean the next will be as hard.  I continue to pray for patience, wisdom, and the physical strength to be a good mom (I don’t understand how you moms with more than one child do it!).  I already see how God is teaching me so much through being Charlotte’s mom, and I thank Him for our little miracle every day!

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