DIY Pedestal bowl

Since I love doing crafty-type projects so much, I thought I’d share some of them. I got my inspiration for making these pedestal bowls from Tip Junkie.

I went to my neighborhood thrift store and found this not-so-charming candle stick for $2.00 and the salad bowl for only a buck!

To make the pedestal bowl you will need:
-Candlestick (doesn’t matter the color/pattern, you will be painting over it)
-Bowl (this wood salad bowl worked really well)
-Gorilla glue, or any other strong adhesive
-Paint.  I used the $3 sample size of Behr paint and primer from Home Depot.  They will mix any color you want for only $3!  It’s the perfect size to do a small to medium sized project.  I still have plenty left over!
This project is SUPER simple.  We’re talking 3 hours from start to finish (this includes drying time).
Paint the bowl and candlestick (ignore the picture frame for now, it will show up again in another project I post)

Use Gorilla Glue (or another strong adhesive) to glue the bottom of the bowl to the candlestick.  You can mark the middle before gluing it or just eyeball it like I did.  Let the glue set for an hour.

…..and that’s it! Didn’t I tell you it was SUPER EASY?

Fill with your favorite things and enjoy!

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