The tale of a Snuggie turned Superhero {cape}!

Tonight we attended the 1st birthday party of our adorable little nephew, Logan.  The theme of the party was superheroes, so naturally we decided we needed to go in some sort of costume.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Dave is a HUGE Superman fan.  He has various Superman paraphernalia, and so the family expected him to come is some sort of Superman gear.  Unfortunately, most of his Superman stuff is unwearable.

I had the idea of making superhero capes, and was inspired by this pin:

My first thought was to run to JoAnn’s to grab up some fabric.  But then I thought, “Hmm, Sarah you can totally save some money by doing some thrifting.” So off we went to my favorite thrift store, Unique.

Originally the plan was to make the capes (notice the plural “capes”, I now was going to make one for myself too) from bed sheets.  But there were no red sheets.  Fail.

However, as I wandered into the next aisle I saw a bright red Snuggie.  You know the Snuggie.  Come on, admit it, you probably have one.

A snuggie would make the perfect cape! It’s made of fleece which is a double bonus:
 no fraying at the edges, and it’s warm!
So we scooped up 2 Snuggies for about $6 and set off to turn them world-saving couture.
Here’s the how-to on making a Snuggie Superhero Cape:
Step 1: Cut off the top part of the Snuggie, right under the arm holes.
After cutting, fold your Snuggie in half to make sure the line you cut is straight (mine definitely wasn’t).
Trim the top so that it is straight.
Step 2: Decide the height and width of your cape.  Dave wanted the cape to be as long as possible,
so I didnt’ have to worry about measuring him.  For the width, he wanted 34 inches.
Measure half of your width measurement from the folded edge and mark it.
 (Excuse the dog hair here.  I dropped the Snuggie on the floor and Lily apparently thought it was her bed…)
Step 3: Using your width marking, begin drawing the cape template.  I just free handed this one.
Make sure you are drawing from the folded edge.
 Step 4:  Cut that baby out
Step 5: Sew on velcro to the two thing pieces that will attach in the front of the cape.
 Keep in mind that they will be overlapping, so sew the velcro on to the correct sides of the Snuggie.
Now you are all finished with the actual cape.  All that’s left is to add the Superman
(or whatever Superhero you fancy) symbol.  Sure, you could go around and stitch the outsides
of the capes for a more polished look, but I didn’t have time.  Besides, the beauty of using the Snuggie
 is that the  bottom of the cape is already hemmed and finished, and all the other sides won’t fray
  because of the fleece fabric.  Happy day!
Step 6: Trace your desire symbol onto the non-adhesive side of a fusible featherlight batting
 (I used Pellon brand).  Make sure the design is backwards when tracing it onto the batting.
 I got the stencil for our Superman symbol from the source of the pin above.
Because we wanted the “S” to be red, and the triangle shape to be yellow, we did two separate tracings.
Cut out the symbols leaving  1 1/2 inch allowance.
Follow the directions on the fusible batting to attach it to your felt.


Step 7: Sew your symbols to the back of the cape.  I sewed the yellow triangle shape first, and then the red letters on top of that.
And that’s all! Soooo easy!  Here are some shots of my own Superman with his very own cape!
We had a great time celebrating this little superhero’s first birthday!
He even had an awesome Superhero cake! Sooo cute!
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