Guacamole, Ole!

Merry Christmas! Or should I say, Feliz Navidad?


For our Christmas lunch this year we decided to have a Mexican fiesta.  This is definitely out of the norm for my family, but since it was just Dave, my sister, and myself we decided to shake things up a bit. 
For our lunch I made guacamole, which has become somewhat of my signature dish amongst  friends and family.  Not to brag, but everyone says that I make the best guac.  I got this recipe when I spent the summer living in Guanajuato, Mexico.  I took a cooking class there and they showed us how to make real and authentic guacamole.  No mayonnaise here folks.  (Yep, did you know that many stores and restaurants add mayo to guac??? Eww!)
So here’s how to make my top secret guacamole (just kidding, no secret here!)
To make this delicious green stuff you will need:
-5 Haas Avacadoes
-Two tomoatoes (any type will do)
-1 onion (red, yellow, or white all work)
-LIMES and a few of them. I recommend having at least 5 on hand
– 1 bunch of cilantro
-Sea salt (or regular table salt)

Now I’m a little superstitious about the order in which I prepare this dish.  Honestly, you can cut the vegetables in any order you want, but here is exactly how I do it:

Step 1: Cut your avocadoes in half, exposing the seed in the middle
Step 2: Remove the seed from the middle by slicing hard into the seed with a sharp (and wide) knife.  Once the knife is wedged in the seed you can twist the avocado with your other hand and the seed should come out easily.  Important: do not throw the seed away!

Step 3: Use your knife to slice into each avocado half in a checker board pattern.  Make a few cuts lengthwise and a few cuts widthwise, only cutting through the flesh of the avocado and not cutting through the skin.

Step 4: Use a spatula and scoop out the cubes of avocado into a bowl.  Repeat step 1-4 for the remaining avocadoes.
Step 5: IMPORTANT!  Put the seeds from the middle of the avocadoes into the bowl with the cubed avocado pieces.  Leaving the seeds in the guacamole will prevent it from browning.  I PROMISE you this works!  Your guac will stay green for 3-4 days if you leave the seeds in (if it’s not eaten up by then…).  I’m sure there is a scientific reason why, but I don’t know what it is.  All I know is that it WORKS!

Step 6: Dice two tomatoes and add them to the avocadoes

Step 7: Dice an onion, I used a red onion, and add it to the avocadoes and tomatoes.  In the past I’ve used white and yellow onions too but I’ve found that white or red works best.

*I am not the biggest fan of onions, so I usually only add half an onion, or 3/4 of an onion.  Add as much as you want according to your taste.*
Step 8: Add the limes.  Limes are my FAVORITE part of this recipe and I add a lot of lime juice!!! As with the onions, feel free to add the lime juice to your taste.  If you like lots of limey flavor then stick to my recipe, if you aren’t the biggest fan then add a little less.
Squeeze the juice of 2 large, or 3 small limes.  You can squeeze the limes with your hands or use a handheld juicer like this one.  If you don’t have one, get one!  Especially if you are a lover of fresh squeezed lime or lemon juice.
Please excuse the mess in the background.

Mmm look at all that limey-juicey-goodness!
After adding the lime juice, stir the entire mixture gently with a spoon or spatula.  If it looks a little too juicy, don’t worry.  The avocado, onions, and tomatoes will absorb some of that extra lime juice.
Step 9: Wash the cilantro in cold water and pat dry with a paper towel

Step 10: Remove the leaves from the stems of the cilantro.  You only want the leaves!  I added about 3/4 a cup of cilantro leaves, but again add more or less depending on your taste preference.

Step 11: Roughly chop the cilantro leaves.  The easiest way to chop them is to first roll them into a bunch.

Then, you can chop the bunch much easier!

Step 12: Add the cilantro leaves to the rest of the guacamole and stir.
Doesn’t this look so delish?!
Step 13: Season with salt.  I prefer to use sea salt, but regular table salt will do. I don’t have an exact measurement for the salt since everyone has a different palette for saltiness.  Add some, taste, and repeat until you have the correct amount of salt.

Of course it’s best to taste test using a chip since there is already some saltiness there.

By this point you might also want to add some more lime juice…or maybe that’s just me!  You could also add some chopped jalapenos if you’re into the spicy thang.

And that’s it!

Thirteen simple steps to making the best guacamole you’ll ever taste!


Sister approved!

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16 thoughts on “Guacamole, Ole!

  1. Hi Sarah! Stopping by from The Girl Creative link party. I didn’t know that leaving the seeds in the guacamole prevent it from browning! omg! I love avocado but I hate it when it goes brown, so thanks soo much for the tip, from now on I won’t throw the seed away!It would be great if you stopped by my blog!'m your newest follower!Greetings from Spain


  2. Glad I came over from A Bowl Full of Lemons. We make guacamole too and my order is completely different from you! I first grind the cilantro with the red onion using a mortar and pestle. Then I add in all of the avocados and mash them up, then I add in the tomatoes and a lot of hot sauce and sea salt at the end. We use no lime juice (which I will now try). I bought a mocajete from Williams-Sonoma which make the whole guacamole making process a lot of fun., come visit:


  3. I love a chunky guacamole. Your photos are gorgeous. I’d love for you to link up to my new “Thriving on Thursdays” linky party here in Australia every week. My blog features recipes, crafts, decorating, organising and decluttering advice and tips. I know everyone in Australia would love to read this blog post.Thanking you,Anne @ Domesblissity xx


  4. Hi, stopping by from Anne’s Thriving on Thursday! That guac looks seriously delicious, I could go some on a piece of toast right NOW! I worked in a Mexican restaurant for 8 years, and I thought I had the best guac recipe! And definitely NO mayo in it!


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