Mini Pom-Poms

Last night I was scouring through Pinterest, looking for some inspiration, and decided to look at my own pinboards to see what I’ve already pinned.  I realized that I haven’t actually attempted most of my “DIY Craft” of “Sewing” pins.  So this post is me getting a move on those pins.
The inspiration came from this pin.  Actually, it’s the same tutorial, just done by me.  I decided to use the pom poms in my new wintery mantel. 
Yes, sadly Christmas décor came down today.  I’m always sad to see it go, but happy to feel less cluttered FOR SURE.

Anyways….here is the tutorial:
Here’s what you will need:
It’s hard to tell from this picture, but I have two different sized forks here.  The one on top is a larger serving fork, while the one on the bottom is a regular sized dinner fork.  The larger the fork the larger the pom pom.  For the pictures in my tutorial I am using the larger serving for.

Step 1: Lay the end of your yarn on the center of your fork
Step 2: Hold down the end piece of yarn from step 1 and wrap the yarn around the fork, covering the end.  Keep wrapping the yarn around the fork-I wrapped the yarn approximately 30 times.  The more times you wrap the thicker and fluffier your pom pom will be.
Step 3: When you are finished wrapping, cut the end of the yarn.  Be sure that it doesn’t start unraveling!
Step 4: Cut another piece of yarn, approximately 6 inches long.  You don’t need to be exact here my friends.
Step 5: Poke the end of your 6 inch yarn piece through the middle of the fork (from front to back) then bring it up and around to the front.  Next, tie a tight not in the middle of your wrapped yarn.
It should look like this:
Step 6: Slide your little yarn bundle off of the fork.  Using a sharp pair of scissors cut through the loops, one side at a time.  Just stick one blade of the scissors through the yarn loops and snip!  You’ll also want to trim down the piece of yarn you used to tie the bundle together so it matches the length of your other strands.

In this pic the left side has been snipped and the right side has not.
Here is the final product:

You can see that I made a yarn pom pom and one made from jute twine.  I like the color and texture of the twine but it definitely doesn’t have the same fluffy quality of the yarn and it’s harder to manipulate into a pom pomish (yep, that’s an adjective) shape

Now you can use the poms however you like.  You could make a sweet little garland or attach them to gift tags.  The sky is the limit.  I chose to hot glue them to some twigs I found in my front yard.  Unfortunately the only twigs in my yard had major thorns on them-YIKES!  You could also hot glue them to floral wire.
The final resting place for these pom pom “blooms” is my new wintery mantel. Oh, and I got the awesome New Year’s subway art for free here at eighteen 25.  I just stuck them in mason jars with more trimmings from my front yard bush.

How would you all use these cutie-patootie poms?  Please feel free to leave a comment to share your creative genius!


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