Crafty Things

I am a crafter with a capital C!  I love to cut, glue, stitch and staple whatever I can get my hands on.  I hope your can catch a little inspiration by perusing some of my crafty projects here.  Enjoy!


IMG_1463z  IMG_0306

                    Mini Pom Poms                                                      Silver and Shimmer Tablescape


IMG_4195     IMG_4028

                    Picture Frame Tray                                              Yarn Wrapped Wreath


IMG_3997           IMG_4003

            Chalkboard Plates                                              DIY Pedestal Bowl


IMG_1517     IMG_1642

                    Washer Jewelry                                                 Vellum Hurricane Cover



            Feathered Wreath

One thought on “Crafty Things

  1. love your site just found it do you have any ideas for wedding decorations using jars and cans also would love ideas for outdoor space with fire place that was in a old cabin we had to tear down but use the fire place all the time I love to make crafts and things using what ever i have or things from my yard I live on a lake with woods on both sides of my yard thank you ginarochon@yahoo.com


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