11 Cent Washer Necklace

I know that I’m a bit behind on the washer jewelry trend, but hey—I’m new to the blog thing!  So for those of you who are also new or just want a trip down memory lane, here is my washer necklace tutorial:


I am such a huge fan of this look because I am a jewelry minimalist.  Some might call me plain but I prefer minimalist.  It sounds so much more chic.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Washers- these cost 11 cents each at Home Depot.  You can’t beat that!
A rubber mallet- I got mine here
Metal stamping set- I got mine here

I know, I know you’re thinking that you don’t have a metal stamping set.  Well, consider investing in one.  I got all these numbers and letters for about $13.00.  These babies can be used for jewelry, metal tags for organizing, or making your keys identifiable (if you happen to carry a janitor-sized amount around).  After the initial cost of the stamping set, and rubber mallet, then it’s a cool 11 cents for each washer after that.


These guys are so pretty just like this I think.

So all you have to do is choose the letters or numbers you want on your washer:


I just wanted my initials (told you–jewelry minimalist)


Then line up the stamp on the washer and BANG!


My hand model is George Costanza my hubby Dave. (Any Seinfeld fans catch the reference?)

Plain and simple.  Just how I like it.
Now even though I’m a jewelry minimalist I still wanted to add a bit of color interest with a brass washer.  Since I took this picture I’ve put my wedding anniversary date on it.  When I made this for my sister I put her son’s birthday on the brass washer.  With any new kiddos she’ll add a new brass washer with their birthdate.

Since I didn’t want to photograph myself wearing this and Lily didn’t want to stay still enough I enlisted the help of my orchid plant to be my model.


And there you have it my friends! My simple washer necklace—Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “11 Cent Washer Necklace

  1. It looks like the cost of the materials/tools is less or about the same as a piece of jewelry purchased at the store! I’ve never thought about doing this but now it’s in the works for an upcoming project🙂


  2. Finally something easy that I actually think I could do too! I have everything except the washers, but I bet there are some of those hiding in the garage. I think I see gifts in the future, or gift tags…. hmmmm?


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