Mission Impossible!


Wondering what you’re looking at here? Well, you’re looking at many hours of cutting, sewing, trimming, tracing, and stitching.

You’re looking at Velcro envelopes, finger puppets, and puzzle piece skylines.

You’re looking at pages from the quiet book I’ve been making for my nephew.

You’re looking at my “Imagine the Impossibilities” challenge project.

My fellow Chicago blogger Linda at It All Started With Paint is co-hosting a linky party where you can post a project/recipe/anything you’ve always thought was “impossible” and then make it “possible” by the end of January.

I started working on this quiet book this summer I think.  I wanted to make a cute gift for Andrew and thought it wouldn’t be too big of a deal.  I was dead wrong.

This “little project” has taken for.ever.  And it’s not that I don’t like making it, I really do! I’m sooo happy to be making this for him.  But every little piece of felt and every single thread change is adding up to be hours and hours of work.  I had hoped to have this finished  by Christmas but that didn’t happen.  Then I thought, “well his birthday is in May….”

But I’m putting my foot down!

I’m resolving to have this thing done by the end of the month.  I have 4 more pages and a cover to make, and I.Will.Do.It!!!

Here are some of the pages I have finished:

Chicago skyline “puzzle”
Button-on flower pot
Mail cart with Velcro envelope to put in the mailbox 
Barn with finger puppet animals

Each of those pages have a back side with a different activity.  In all I hope to have 5 two-sided activity pages and a cover using this fabric:

Phew! I’m exhausted thinking about the work I have left, but I will get it done! Now that I’ve announced it to all of you I’ve got some extra incentive.  That and the fact that my sister keeps telling me “Andrew keeps asking when Auntie Sarah is going to give him his Christmas present…” 

Yeah right, he’s 8 months old.

10 thoughts on “Mission Impossible!

  1. I didn’t know you had a future Mensa-candidate nephew …I can’t even tell you how I am so enthralled with this project! I have “great” nephews and nieces (yes, you read that right, children of nieces and nephews … but in my defense, my husband has 5 older sisters …) that I would love to make these books for. Actually, I think this could be a project that my 11 year old daughter could collaborate on …Hmmm …Thanks so much for joining the challenge!Lindaitallstartedwithpaint@gmail.com


  2. Oh my goodness, my nephew needs one of these. How ’bout just whipping up another, real quick. 😉 I can only imagine the time that has already gone into it, the work looks impeccable. Thank you so much for joining our challenge and sharing our button!Karah @ thespacebetweenblog


  3. WOW — this is such an awesome project and i for one can’t wait to see the final project! the time that is going to go in this little work of art is going to be countless but the end result…PRICELESS!!!! i am wishing you all the best and will be watching : ) you are making your Impossible — POSSIBLE…YEAH!!!! hugs from your newest follower : ) thank you so much for sharing our button!


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