I have an update for my Impossibilites Challenge!

Tonight I finally finished the most time consuming pages of the entire book!  And ironically they’re probably the most “plain” looking.


I know, I know, you’re thinking “why would this take so long?”

Well, let me take you on a little journey on how to make these pages:

1. Draw templates for all the numbers on cardstock and cut out the template

2. Trace 3 copies of each number (one to be sewn to the page, two be to be sewn together to make a manipulative)

3. Cut out 3 copies of each number.  3 x 11 (two digits for the “10”)= 33 numbers

4. Cut Velcro pieces for each number

5. Sew Velcro to two of the three copies for each number

6. Pin two copies of the numbers together to form the manipulative

7. Pin a copy of each number to the quiet book page

8. Sew a copy of each number to the quiet book page

9. Sew two copies of each number together to form a manipulative

10. Change the thread after each number to match the color.


Phew! Are you still with me?  So, yeah.  It took about 5 total years months days hours just to complete these two pages of numbers.

In case you don’t believe me, here are a few photos of some of the steps of the process:


Numbers spaced on the quiet book page



All the little guys pinned and ready to go under the needle!



I HATED sewing on all the Velcro.  I can’t believe I didn’t break a needle!



Just some of the different colored threads I used.  I think I could confidently enter a sewing machine threading contest at this point.



All sewn together! Yay!

Don’t look too closely…I never said this would be perfect!



I used zig zag stitching for the numbers on the page, and a straight stitch for the manipulative number.


These two pages were the ones I have been putting off the most.  With them done and done I really feel like I’m going to turn this Mission Impossible into my Mission “Booya” Possible!


Gotta keep my eyes on the cutie-patootie prize.  Making this little guy happy!


3 thoughts on “Boo-ya!

  1. Love, love, love it! What a cute idea. I love this. And anything involving sewing would fit in the “impossible” category for me, so I am totally amazed at this project. Your nephew will love it and will have something special to keep for a very long time. My oldest is 12yo and we still have some of his baby books (ok, so maybe we are kind of like hoarders, but still).I’m participating in the challenge as well. Check out how my pantry is coming along…http://makingoverthemartins.blogspot.com/2012/01/pantry-progress.html~Jess


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