Airing your laundry…quiet book page

This quiet book is almost D.O.N.E. I just have one more page left, which is a surprise.  A girl’s gotta have a little mystery, right?

After I finish the last quiet book page I just need to create a cover and I’ll be able to say

“Mission Accomplished!”


This page was not in my original plans, but I decided to scrap some of my old ideas and needed something else.  I’m not quite sure how I came up with this page since my sister is not Amish and my nephew will probably never hang socks on a clothes line, but hey—it works.

Sock matching quiet book template

Those little grey lumps are supposed to be rocks, and the green strands are supposed to be some grass/weeds.

Quiet book DIY sock matching page

The little guy will be able to take the socks out of the basket and match them with their mate on the clothes line.

DIY quiet book template

Once I sew this together with the page that will be on it’s backside all the white edges won’t be so big and it should look a little better. 

I’m not gonna lie, I sped through this page pretty fast and you can see it in the sewing.  It didn’t help that my sewing machine decided to have a manic episode and kept getting stuck/breaking thread/stitching uneven.  I have a sort-of timeline laid out for myself to ensure I finish this book by Sunday and I needed to finish this page by tonight.

What do you think? Do the rocks and grass look like mutated Hershey Kisses?  I guess I could always cover them up with a giant ladybug or something…

6 thoughts on “Airing your laundry…quiet book page

  1. Hey, you never know, I may just set up a clothes line in the backyard. Andrew will be able to get his practice! It’s looking good! I guess you won’t have anytime to play with us this weekend if you are going to be busy sewing.


  2. Sarah! Thanks for stopping by Dwell on Joy and leaving such a sweet comment! I love your project, can’t wait to see the big reveal! You should definitely come share it at my new link party: browsed your about page and saw your pic of downtown Chicago at Christmastime! MY FAVORITE! We spend a lot of time out there with my in-laws and you are right, so gorgeous down there that time of year! I’m married to a HUGE Cubs, Bulls, Bears, and Hawks fan!Have a great week🙂


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