Organization Smack Down: The Pantry {before}

Well, the smack has been laid  and I’m trying to get organized!

We’re starting off with my kitchen pantry since I use it everyday and it is seriously out.of.control.  Today you’ll see the “before” pictures, and I must warn you that if you have young children you might want to ask them to leave the room.

This stuff is scary.

ikea kitchen cupboard

This is the culprit.  This super skinny and super deep Ikea wardrobe. It is supposed to be used to store clothes, but it functions as the pantry in the Ly household.

And now I’m going to open the door………………………


Yeah, I told you it was bad.

What, don’t believe me?  Let’s get a little closer:

kitchen cupboard junk shelf

This picture cracks me up because I have no idea why that gravy jar is there.  I think I bought it last Thanksgiving as a back-up and never used it.  Why it happened to be in the front of the shelf when I took this picture is beyond me.

kitchen pantry clutter problem shelf
kitchen pantry cupboard clutter fix
kitchen pantry clutterd mess
kitchen pantry messy shelf

I love that there are to-go coffee cups at the front of my baking shelf.  This shelf is probably the worst.  Let’s zoom in more, shall we?

kitchen pantry disorganization
kitchen pantry clutter
kitchen pantry clutter pet shelf

There is even junk on top!
kitchen cupboard pet junk
Wondering about that creepy taped-up Coke Zero can? It’s filled with coins and is a LOUD noisemaker we use sometimes if we catch Lily doing something naughty in the backyard and we need her to stop ASAP. 

Why are there crackers up there amidst the dog stuff?  Because I’m disorganized, that’s why.

Ok, so that’s it.  My pantry.  Phew! Feels good to get that over with.

Now, before those horrifying images are permanently etched into your memories, let’s take a look at some inspiration that might just help transform this monstrosity.

                                                                             Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
 Ok, this is beyond gorgeous and perfect.  I’m totally in love.

                                                                         Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
This pantry from House of Smiths is stunning.  I love the design on the walls and the big glass containers.
The problem is that these are like dream home pantries, and are not realistic inspirations for our skinny tall tower pantry.  Here are some that look a bit more like mine:
                                                                              Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
 Check out that cool tin treatment on the walls.

                                                             Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
Simple, clean, and organized.
When I came across this I heard a little chorus of angels singing:
                                                                             Source: Better Homes and Gardens via Sarah on Pinterest
I love this, and I think I can use a lot of the ideas for my pantry.  The shape and size is very similar and it’s so, so cute.  I love the contact paper on the back and even the calendar and menu planner on the door.  And the labels? The labels are awesome! 
I think I can get organized guys! I think I can!
Stay tuned for the “after” pictures coming soon. 
 I’m off to go get rid of random jars of gravy…

19 thoughts on “Organization Smack Down: The Pantry {before}

  1. Did you see my post a week or so ago…I did the same thing but I just cleaned mine. I did not decorate it but now I’m following you on Pinterest too and snagged all those great pantry organizer pictures! I can’t wait to see yours. Unfortunately I’m trying to get my house ready to sell and I don’t want to waste the time majorly decorating so I’m cleaning and picking up and clearing out (Oh…it’s so hard…I just want to do it all!) but if I want to get out of here I have to prioritize. I told myself if I get it presentable so I can put it on the market then I can go back and do more. I’m like you though…if I’m going to do something I like to do it all the way but I can’t right now but wait until I get my farmhouse and then there’s no holds barred!!! Meanwhile, I will have to live vicariously through your “adventures in decorating”! Thanks for the inspiration and the great pantry pics!


  2. Ooooohhhh….looking at Pinterest is a big mistake….:) Did you notice that lovely, sleek thing that looks similar to yours has NO CANS in it?! What are you supposed to do with the cans?! Pantries are hard to keep organized, but I admire your effort and commitment, so I’ll be anxious to see your results (BTW–I like a neat pantry too🙂 ). Thanks for visiting and commenting and following. I’ll follow you too!


  3. Hi Sarah! Love the pantry post! Reminds me of mine. I love having it all organized but it rarely stays that way. Trying to pry something out usually results in an avalanche of all kinds of things! I was relieved to hear that Lily was a dog and not a child, especially after you described the use of the Coke can LOL!! I’m now following throgh Linky and am looking forward to seeing your pantry transformation! Hugs, Leena


  4. I admire your bravery showing your pantry. hehehe. Mine is just too scary to show! OK I admit it, you have inspired me to start on mine (it sooo needs it) I found you and I am now following you through the linky followers blog hop. Please check out my little blogMy Turn (for us)http://myturn-evelyn.blogspot.comThanks and wish me luck in my pantry!


  5. I’m so glad you came by and introduced yourself! Your determination and transparency have inspired me🙂 I have a desk/table that is in BAD shape and I might just kick it into organization gear now! I’m following along with your fun blog.❤ Ashley


  6. Getting rid of random jars of gravy – lol.You crack me up!Can’t wait to see the reveal.And, don’t forget about baskets – they can help make instant drawers, helpful for grouping little things like baking cups, chocolate pieces, nuts, food coloring, baking soda, baking powder, etc. (Or maybe a tea basket?)~ Dana


  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments too!! Following you back. Good luck on the closet. I love your inspiration pictures…I really need to get more organized….


  8. You are making me laugh with all your excitement over … the pantry. But as well, I can totally relate. I was over the moon when I discovered the metal stacking racks at Ikea that doubles your shelf space…. However….I am actually coming to your site from the FOLLOWER linky blog hop, and am following you !🙂 Will you follow me back?? Thank you so much when you do.PLUS: There is also a party on our blog, where you can feature ‘your best creative work’. There are some great projects to see already, but we want to see your work!Use this link both to FOLLOW and to PARTY: to seeing you around!!Have a happy, creative day!


  9. I found you on the linky blog hop and am glad that I did. I really like your blog and would love for you to pay a visit to Hibiscus House and follow. I just tackled my pantry and it was much worse than yours…you’ll have your dream pantry before you know it.Many thanks,Dolly


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