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Better late than never…Valentine’s Gift Exchange


As I sit here and type I am sick.  Super sick.  We’re talking “I-watched-Qubo-for-1-hour-because-I-was-too-sick-to-get-up-and-find-the-remote” sick.

There is some crazy virus going around my school right now! We had 70 students absent on Friday. 70! If you’re wondering if that’s a lot…that’s a lot!

Well it seems to have gotten it’s nasty little grip on my body (despite using so much hand sanitizer during the week that skin was starting to flake off!) and won’t let go.

It seems like the only thing I do have some energy for is to sit here on the couch, under my favorite blanket, and type.


So, here is a post that I should have written up last week, but better late than never!


During the Valentine’s season I signed up to be a part of a hand-made gift exchange hosted by Crystal at Homemaker in Heels.

She paired me up with Jennifer from Finding My Way in Texas and here are the lovely gifts that she sent me!

jennifer hand made gifts

Side note: There were also some Dove chocolates in her sweet care package but they were not available for photographing (AKA we ate them within 5 minutes of opening the envelope).


jennifer hand made bag

She made this ruffled bag that I think is so cute.  It will be perfect for carrying home fruits and veg from the farmer’s market this spring/summer.

Here’s a view of the back side:

jennifer hand made bag back side


And a few close-ups of the ruffles and handle:

jennifer bag ruffles

jennifer bag handle


On top of this bag she made me some rosette hair clips.

jennifer hand made hair clips

jennifer hair clips back

Isn’t she so crafty?

I also received this “Love” plaque and scented candles.

jennifer love plaque and candles


And what’s a crafty DIY girl without a homemade card?

jennifer hand made card

jennifer card inside


Thanks, Jennifer, for all the goodies you sent me!


So what did I give her in return?  Well, I found out that Jennifer had just gotten married (on February 1st!) so I scoured her pinboards looking for something that she might like as a wedding gift.

I stumbled upon this, and was inspired:



So I took my hand sewing skills and made her this:

jennifer hand sewing wedding gift

I popped it into a spray-painted and distressed frame and shipped it off to Texas!


This was my first gift exchange and I’m excited to do another one! Not only did I get some super cute gifts but I made a new bloggy friend as well.

Be sure to check out Jennifer’s blog Finding My Way in Texas!



be sure to spread the word about my Trade School series that will start on March 6th.  I’d love for you to grab my button (right on my side bar!) and spread the word.

Here are some of the great bloggers that we get to learn from:


Have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “Better late than never…Valentine’s Gift Exchange

  1. Oh, you poor thing! It’s awful to be sick…just awful but I did love the gifts you received from Jennifer and the ones you sent…very creative both of you! My daughter is a teacher and the first three years she taught she was sick all the time! Kids are really germy and now she has 2 of her own so we’ll see how good the immune systems are now between daycare and school! I am a lifelong learner for sure…I LOVE learning about all kinds of things. I’ve never been bored in my entire life so I’m sure I will love your new classes. If I get to it I will put it on my blog. I’ve been meaning to “re-arrange” my right side with all my “stuff” on it. It’s a mess right now. I hope you feel better soon! Sending you some hot lemonade with honey that my Mom, who was a nurse, used to fix for me! Breathe in the steam from it and sip lightly! There you go…you’ll be all better soon!


  2. Hi Sarah. So sorry that you and everyone else have been sick. Hope you are well soon.I love the little gifts that you got. I had not heard about the gift exchange but sounds like fun.Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures and leaving such a sweet comment.Hope you will visit me again.Blessings.Audrey Z.


  3. What a nice gift! The bag is so sweet and the gift you sent is too. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I’m going to check out your classes. Hope you feel better soon. This is my first year not teaching, but I know how frustrating it is to have lots of kids absent especially this time of year when everyone is preparing for state testing. Rest this weekend!I am following your blog now and look forward to getting to know you!


  4. Oh Sarah I am so sorry you are sick!! If I were near you I’d bring chicken soup and even go get the remote control for you. Its AWFUL being that sick. I do hope you can get over this soon. And your school. I know its been going around here and we’re many states away. It must be the time of year.Your Valentine exchange looks like it was so much fun. Jennifers gifts are so thoughtful and creative. And I LOVE the needlework you did for her. What great gifts to each other. I’m trying to figure out how Jennifer got married on the 1st and was able to actually do an exchange like that. She must be amazing. After two weeks newly married I was still in ga ga land and the world went by.(smile) But that was just a ‘few’ years ago. (another bigger smile) Thanks Sarah for commenting on my blog. That was so kind of you. I am going to follow you back and so glad that we found each others blogs. You and your husband make a very handsome couple and even your girl ‘Lily’…thats a cute name for your sweet dog, sounds like she’s in happy heaven too.Nann


  5. Hi Sarah…nice to meet YOU! Thank you for saying hi and inviting me to visit you!Sorry you are sick. It seems like everybody is sick right now. Take care and get some rest. Be sure to take your vitamins. Can you tell I’m a MOMMA? :}Happily following you on google and linky!


  6. Sarah, Hi and thanks for visitin’ me at Aren’t gift exchanges fun? I just did my first on Valentine’s Day too. I think I like your little handmade rose hairpins the best. Im now following you back. FEEL BETTER SOON!!! 😎


  7. I hope you feel better soon! Lot’s of Orange Juice, Chicken soup (or veggie soup if you are vegetarian), and take some echinacea. Gotta kick the germies to the curb! I love your presents–that bag is so (haha sew) cute! And your gift you sent is adorable. I flunked at sewing–all though I am trying to correct that now. Although what is the saying about teaching old dogs new tricks? I am your newest follower!


  8. I sure hope you start feeling better soon. I love all the items from the gift exchange. So cute! Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment, even when you are sick! I appreciate it so much!I am also your new follower! Take care!


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