Trade School

Trade School session 1 Star Students!

I was sooo happy with the turnout at Trade School and was really encouraged to keep the classes coming!


Didn’t the ladies from Lolly Jane do a great job?

Our next class will feature “Mrs. Linda” from It All Started With Paint on March 20th so be sure to mark your calendar.


And now it’s time to congratulate our first “Star Students!” 

If you remember I said that anyone who does their “homework” will get a special gold star.

Well…we have ourselves two super over achievers and I couldn’t be prouder!

Karah from The Space Between used the pop tabs to hang a beautiful driftwood sign she created for the “It’s A Cinch” linky party that her and some of my other friends are hosting.


Here’s the sign…


…and here’s her homework:


A+, Karah!

And our second star student Bliss, from Bliss Ranch, did an equally spectacular job with her homework.

No, no it’s not the candle that is holding up the sign…


…it’s the pop tab! She did her homework too!

A+, Bliss!

Great job ladies, take your gold star!
Adventures of Our Fami-Ly
Adventures of Our Fami-Ly

Who will be our next star students?  Be ready to learn again on March 20th.  Don’t be late for class!

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7 thoughts on “Trade School session 1 Star Students!

  1. Ah ha ha ha, that’s funny, it does look like the candle is holding the picture up. I’ll grab my star student award. Makes me feel young…. and smart…. and like I can follow directions.~Bliss~


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