Trade School

(Double) Star Student!


Hello friends! 

We have a star student from our last Trade School…where Ms. Dana taught us the difference between sweating and sautéing vegetables…

…and she’s a double star student!

gold star buttongold star button

Yep, that’s right. She did her homework.  Twice. 

And who might this wonderful student be? Why, it’s Danni from Silo Hill Farm


Dannie is such a dear blog friend to me.  She’s the type of friend who comments (thoughtfully!) on pretty much every post that I write and is always so encouraging and supportive.  I feel so blessed to have become connected with her.  You must check out her blog, Silo Hill Farm!

…oh and she’s going to be our teacher for Trade School very soon!

I’ll let Danni explain and show the homework she did:

Here is my homework assignment from Trade School. I sautéed some mushrooms, onion and peppers for an omelet this morning! It was delicious!

danni homework 1

danni homework 2


I know I didn’t have to Homework twice, but since I was making a chicken pot pie for my husband last night, I decided to try the Sweat Method of cooking the fresh vegetables, which were mushrooms, red/green peppers, onions and carrots. This was my first time to try this method and I have to say it did a good job of making the veggies soft and intensely flavored

danni homework 3


Great job Danni! Oh, and if you could mail me one of those chicken pot pies I’d really appreciate it.


See you all this Tuesday for another edition of Trade School!

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6 thoughts on “(Double) Star Student!

  1. Danni,You did a great job!You can clearly see how with the saute you had only a handful of veggies! If you had too many – especially mushrooms – the water released would prevent browning. If you needed to make omlettes for a crowd, you would work in batches. In your pic for the pot pies, you show how with a sweat you don’t have to worry about overcrowding! The pieces do not get color, rather they just sit in the their juices and the flavors meld together while the texture becomes soft.Double-star student!~ DanaCooking at Cafe D


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