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Trade School session #5-Springtime Wreath


Welcome back for another session of Trade School.  Aren’t we so lucky to be able to have class two weeks in a row?

Today our teacher is Ms. Danni from Silo Hill Farm.  She is one busy lady! Besides keeping up a lovely blog, she always stay busy planting/taking care of/harvesting crops on her farm.  Yes, Silo Hill Farm is a real farm and not just a cute blog name.

Make sure you stop on by Silo Hill Farm to get to know her better!  Take it away Danni:



Good morning class and welcome to Trade School! Thank you Mrs. Sarah for letting me share my passion here today. 

Class is now in session. 

I’m Danni, from Silo Hill Farm.  Yes I really do live on a farm, although I grew up on the not-so-mean streets of a Chicago suburb!  If you like this class, I hope you’ll visit my blog, because there’s a lot more of this kind of stuff over there! I am so happy to be showing you how to make this cute little springtime wreath:

The emphasis here is little!  This wreath measures only 6″ across.  Somehow, to me, that just makes it sweeter.  So, lets gather our supplies and make this in less than an hour!

Supply List:

1 small grapevine wreath

1 bunch of wire flowers/buds

wire cutters

mushroom bird

floral wire


beads in complimentary colors

pop can tab ring

tacky glue/E-6000 adhesive


Before we begin, let me just say a word about the grapevine wreath I used.  It came as 2 wreaths fastened together, but I really didn’t want the double thickness, so I just clipped them apart. (Now I have a spare!)


If you would rather use a big wreath, a foam form or some other type of base, go right ahead!  I just liked the size and texture of these mini grapevine wreaths. Now, on to our project. Using your wire cutters snip the floral stems so that they are about the size to go half way around your wreath.  (If they are short or sparse, you may want to use more than one, like I did.)  While you have your wire cutters out, go head and clip a piece of floral wire into about 3″ pieces. 



Wire your floral stems to your wreath using the floral wire to anchor them securely, twisting at the back of your wreath.  Now is the time to add that little mushroom bird so that you can define what is the top and bottom of your wreath.  If your bird comes on a wire, like mine did, then just use that wire to fasten it to your wreath.  If not, use some Tacky Glue and give it 10 minutes to dry.



This next step is actually my favorite part.  We’re going to glue some beads onto our wreath in a semi-random way.  I like to put my beads on a paper plate and my Tacky Glue on a piece of waxed paper that is NOT on the plate. (You don’t want all of your beads to roll into the glue…..ask me how I know this.)  I use a toothpick, dip it in the glue and then just touch it onto the bead.  You really do just need a dot.



In some places, I glued 3 beads close together so they kind of looked like berries.  Other places, I just put the bead on singly, sometimes tucking them in between the vines to give some depth to the whole wreath as you can see in this picture:



Let the glued on beads dry for about 10 minutes (the #1 reason I love Tacky Glue….it dries really fast!) and then make a little bow out of your ribbon and glue it on at the bottom near the bird.



I put a little sparkly gem in the center of my ribbon.  You could add a button or a bead, or nothing at all if you choose.  I just like a little sparkle that does not involve glitter! Now you may want to cover your ears because this is where the teacher sucks up to the principal and the other teachers here…….. To make a super easy hanger, use a pop can tab/ring. I believe we learned this from Lesson #1 at Trade School taught by Kelli and Kristi from Lolly Jane.  (If  I’m lucky and since I know our principal is nice, she might give me a star for using this in my project, even though I’m turning it in late!) I used E-6000 adhesive (it works great on metal) and fastened the pop tab to the back of my wreath:


Let that dry about 10 minutes.  Cut a piece of ribbon to your desired length and run it through the tab and either glue the ends together or tie it, whichever you choose.  This project is finished and isn’t it cute?

Thank you!  You were a great class and I’m giving you all double recess time today!  Go do something fun! (And if you have time, stop on over at my blog, Silo Hill Farm to see what I’ve been doing lately and if you decide to follow me….serious extra brownie points for you!) 



Isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I love making wreaths, and these mini ones would look great in a little vignette or on that random narrow wall you’ve been wanting to spruce up.  Oh, and Danni gets a raise for referring to another Trade School post within her Trade School post.

Now it’s time for your part: homework! That’s it, make a cute little springtime wreath, send me a picture of it (or the link to a post if you choose to write up this project *remembering to give proper credit where it’s due, of course* ) and you’ll get a gold star next week!


But wait, there’s more!

I have HUGE HUGE HUGE news that I’m going to be sharing on Friday.  It’s a secret that I’ve been keeping for a while and I can’t wait to share the exciting news!

I’m going to be giving a hint tomorrow and Thursday and then the big reveal will be this Friday.

See you then!

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