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Easy handmade baby gifts


…and I’m back!

Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted.  I was in D.C., then I was recovering from my trip, then school stuff happened– and yada yada yada I haven’t posted in almost two weeks!

But I’m back to share some ideas for homemade baby gifts.  I made these for a dear friend of mine, Kirra, who is due in a month or so.  She’s having a little girl which is so exciting for many reasons.  One, because everyone I know is having boys and I’m glad there will be a little lady for them when they grow up, and two because little girl stuff is just so darn cute!

For her shower I knew I wanted to give her some hand made gifts, so here’s what I came up with:

diy baby shower button art

Monogram button art:

This project was super easy! Just trace the letter you want on cardstock, then fill in the letter with various shaped buttons.  I used craft glue to stick them on and it dried perfectly clear.  The oval mat I found at the dollar store (2 for $1!) and the frame is from Target.


I love california baby onesie

California Love onesie:

My friend is from California, and I know she desperately misses living there.  I wanted their daughter to have a piece of their love for California so I made this onesie.

To make this I traced the shape of California directly off my computer screen.  I just help up the onesie to the screen to make sure the state was the correct size…

diy baby gifts


…then traced the outline of the state onto a piece of paper to make a stencil.

diy traceable baby clothes crafts diy california baby onesie


I took a piece of felt and ironed on some interfacing just to give the state a little stiffness.  This helped when I sewed the state onto the onesie.

iron on baby onesie gifts


Using my new stencil I traced and cut the state out of the felt.

diy california baby gift


The next step was to cut a heart our of red felt, and hand stitch it onto the (general) location of their home town.

I heart california onesie


Last step was to pin the felt state to the onesie, and then sew it on using an applique stitch.

easy diy onesie for baby shower

baby shower gifts diy


Semi-hand made headbands

When my friend Kirra asked where to get headbands for her little darling, I immediately thought “I could make some!”

So I set off to the store to search out my options, and came across a pack of 6 headbands for $2.50 at Walmart.  Talk about a steal!

diy baby headbands


I used silk flowers, felt, and some fabric to quickly whip up these beauties:



diy baby headband flowers

For the silk flower head bands I cut the flower head of the stalks using wire cutters.  When you cut off the flower head  a small piece of metal will be exposed, which is bad news for a delicate baby girl’s head.

fake flower head band diy 

To solve this problem I just hot glued a little felt to the back of the flower.

felt flower backing headband diy

Then I just glued the felt to the head band.  I even added another piece of matching felt to the underside of the headband so no hot glue would be directly on the baby’s head.

gerbera daisy headband diy


Here are a couple close ups:

felt flower baby headband

daisy baby headband diy

diy felt flower headband

fabric bow baby headband


I’m super happy with the way they turned out!


And now, here are a few simple ways to gift wrap your handmade gifts.  For Kirra’s shower I didn’t have any wrapping paper, so instead of buying some I just used a plain white shirt box and dressed it up with a fabric bow, clip-on flower, and monogram sticker.

monogrammed gift wrapping

diy easy gift wrapping for baby shower

diy gift wrap for baby shower


I also bought a little metal pail from Target for $1 and filled it up with some baby lotion, head bands, and pink tissue paper.

creative gift wrapping for baby shower


A easy and homemade way to wrap up your gifts!

diy baby shower gift wrapping


In my opinion, nothing is better than making (and receiving!) handmade gifts!

4 thoughts on “Easy handmade baby gifts

  1. You totally spoiled us to no end! We love absolutely everything & I juuuuuust washed that onesie and tucked it in her drawer. Cannot wait to see her in it! Thank you my thoughtful sweet friend!


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