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Trade School session #8- Easy bathroom shelving


Welcome back to our final trade school session of May.  I can’t believe I’m saying that…crazy how summer has crept up on us, right?

Well, our teacher today is a dear blogging friend, Rasonda from Lake Cottage Dreams.  She has  a great idea and simple DIY project for us, so without further ado, here she is:


Hello A.O.O.F readers!! It’s so cool to be here for another “Trade School” post. I am so honored to post for Sarah and her awesome blog, and I’m very excited to hear about Sarah’s new and exciting adventures of her fami-ly. I am Rasonda from Lake Cottage Dreams, as I say in my blog it is my DREAM is to have a lake home someday. However, I am sure it will be a small home and I will need to find many ways to maximize our space. One of the places in our current home that needs the most space is always in the bathroom. There are many ways to create storage like baskets, wall shelves, or even turning a dresser with lots of drawers into a vanity. I am going to take you though a quick and easy tutorial on how to install some over the door shelving with just a few things.

The first step to this project is to measure the area where you are installing the shelf. I installed my shelf over the door in our guest bathroom. It fit perfectly using a three foot piece so I went to Home Depot and had them cut a piece of pine wood (7 1/4 inches) and found these corbels.

Next sand and paint the wood. Use a low grit sandpaper and if you do not like knots or wood imperfections use wood filler to hide the flaws, let dry and sand again. I liked the rustic look so I let the knots show. Also, this is where you would install trim pieces {you can have Home Depot measure those as well} if you want a more finished look. I did not use trim, because of that rustic look I was going for and all.

For the next step you will need to mount the brackets into the wall.

Mount the shelf on top of the doorway trim and mounted brackets. Countersink 2 1- 1/2 inch screws through the shelf and into the brackets. Then countersink 3 more 1- 1/2 inch screws evenly through the shelf into the doorway casing.

For the final step caulk the seams and use paint to touch up any holes and damage done during the install process.

Actually, I take that back… the final step in the adding cute decor and bathroom-y stuff and basking in the glow of extra storage!!

I hope this is as easy for you guys as it was for me… and I hope you revel in your new storage as much as I do. Thanks for reading and thanks so much for having me Sarah! Xo




Ok, a few things:

1. I love that she referred to you all as “A.O.O.F” readers…never thought of shortening the blog name to an acronym, but I kind of love it

2. Don’t you just ADORE those corbels? They add instant sophistication and style to your bathroom, and I think adding the shelf on top of the door frame would also make a room seem taller.

3. Rasonda is seriously one of the sweetest bloggers out there.  She is always quick to leave meaningful comments and I love that I’ve met her through the blogosphere! So go and check out her blog Lake Cottage Dreams ASAP.

Now it’s your turn to do your homework.  I know that most kiddos around the country are starting to sing “School’s out for the summer” but not you trade school students, not you.  You have your homework, now go get started!

(oh, and if you do actually do the homework don’t forget to email me a pic so I can feature you and give you a gold star. Kthanksbye.)

6 thoughts on “Trade School session #8- Easy bathroom shelving

  1. Hey there from Eastern, NC! I popped over via Lake Cottage Dreams. {I just love the over the door shelving, RaSonda!} We are in the process of a bathroom TOTAL REDO and I’m quite nervous, but these sort of ideas take a bit of the edge off. Now I’m off to browse….


  2. OOoh, like that! I included an above door solution in our 31 Days to a More Organized Home series – but it was just a plain ordinary shelf. This is so stylish.We probably won’t do that in the bath…but I saw a cool metal and wood rustic shelf by PB for a boys room. I bet I could use Rasonda’s technique, Potter Barn’s rustic elements, and make a really cool shelf for our living room from odds and end in Home Depot.Thanks for the inspiration!Blessings,


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