birthday party

Dunder Mifflin this is Pam…err Sarah…


So as I hinted in my birthday post, I had a “The Office” themed birthday party this year.

(Yes, I’m one of those dorks who still has themed birthday parties…last year was “A Minute to Win It” and it was pure awesomeness)

“The Office” is one of my favorite TV shows and while watching it one day I had a birthday inspiration moment:

Come on, this is hilarious! Dwight and Jim forget about Kelly’s birthday and so they set about planning and decorating in their usual ridiculous ways.  “It is your birthday.”  Classic.

So here is my own version of an “The Office” birthday party:

the office birthday party diy

Of course I had to have this banner!

Decorating for the party was pretty simple since it was supposed to look bad.  I just partially blew up balloons, taped and tied them to streamers, and scattered some more balloons on the table.  I also used pencils to help tie into the theme.

the office themed decor

the office birthday decor

the office theme decor


office birthday party decorations


All the food I chose was from a specific episode.  Next to the food I typed up the dialogue from the particular scene the food coincided with.  It was so much fun choosing the food…I forgot how many different foods are a part of the show.

the office birthday party food ideas


food for an office party

Ok, I realize the food is out of focus.  It was a peach cobbler pie!

food for the office theme party


desserts for office party

meredith from the office quotes for party


office themed food for birthday party

Forgot to take a picture of the quote that went along with the bacon.  it was Michael’s little speech about how he stepped on his George Foreman grill while cooking bacon in the morning.

the office calculator in jello













the office birthday party food


I also had an ice cream cake with a quote from Andy requesting a fudgie the whale ice cream cake, but alas somehow it didn’t get photographed.


After we ate we played a couple of “The Office” trivia games and I gave away little notepads as prizes.

It was a great night, and I think everyone enjoyed the theme (even if I had to explain the references to quite a few people).


So, do you still have themed parties? Is anyone else obsessed with “The Office?” Is anyone else totally disappointed with the current season, and basically every episode since Michael left?

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