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Trade School session #10- Get your paint on!


Hey friends! Time for another Trade School session—I can’t believe we’re already at number 10!  As I mentioned yesterday, things are just a little bit crazy around here (I hope you’re catching the sarcasm there) so I’m so happy to have Heidi from All That Brings Joy taking the reigns.  Her post is for all of you out there who see awesome DIY painting projects on other blogs and think “I couldn’t do that.”  She’s hear to tell you “Yes you can!”  And if you’re a pro-painter she even has some different painting tips that you’ll find helpful.  Enjoy!



Hey everyone!! I’m Heidi from All That Brings Joy. I’m so excited and honored to be writing my first guest post ever for Sarah and her Trade School Tuesdays!!

On my blog I write about all the things that bring joy to my life but mainly I focus on my passion, PAINTING. Every time I pick up a brush to get started on a new project I get a total rush. Turning something from old and ugly to new and beautiful is so much fun!

But sometimes and for some people just the act of picking up the brush can seem scary and daunting. If I want to try out a new technique and am unsure of how exactly to do it I might just put it off for weeks out of fear. Has this happened to you? Do you have a piece of furniture at home that you’d love to paint but are letting fear stop you from ever doing it?

Well I have a small, inexpensive project just for you to help you get over that fear and feel comfortable enough with that paint brush in your hand to take on that dresser/side table/whatever!!

Stop by your local thrift store or even search your house and get together a few wood picture frames. The chunkier the better! I got these three for about $3.00 each at a thrift store by me called Savers.

Now get yourself a paintbrush and some paint. I like to use the Purdy XL Cub paint brush available at Home Depot for about $11.00, but if you’re just going to be doing some frames a cheaper one will do the job just fine. I have to say though, if you’re planning on eventually doing a piece of furniture I’d suggest getting yourself a nice brush, it’s worth the money!!

For the paint you can get the very small sample sized paints at home depot for a few dollars or even check out the oops! cart for even cheaper ones!

Then get painting!! Use these frames to get comfortable with paint and paint brushes. Don’t be scared, if it’s a disaster it was only a $3.oo frame and you’ll still have plenty of paint to try again!!🙂

I used these frames to try out a few different techniques that I’ve been a little nervous about. The first one I wanted to try highlighting with a white washed effect. I painted the whole frame blue then mixed a little water in with some white paint and used a cloth and a mini art brush to wipe it on.

I of course did some distressing too, nothing looks complete to me until it has been distressed. Just rip off a small piece of fine sandpaper (I bet your husband has some in the garage) and rub it on the edges and corners. Do as little or as much as you want!!

On the second frame I painted the whole thing white then attempted to dry brush over it with some gray. Meaning I barely got any gray on my brush then dabbed on a paper towel before lightly brushing it over the white. I think I still got too much gray on it to really say it was dry brushed and maybe I should have started with gray and then put the white over it but oh well, only $3.00!!!😉

This next picture is more accurate to what the gray looks like, don’t know why the first one looks so tan!!

For the third frame I wanted to try out a new color green I bought. It’s bright and was making me nervous about committing to using it on an entire dresser but sure enough with some dark wax over it I’m loving the color!!


So there you go, if you’re brand new to painting and just the thought of picking up that brush is scaring you just go for it and paint one frame with one color. Get used to how the brush feels in your hand and how the paint glides on the wood. The more comfortable you get with your paint and brush the more likely you’ll be to finally get around to painting that piece of furniture you’ve always wanted to do!!

And in the mean time you’ll have made some nice accessories to use around the house!

I hope my post helps you and that you’re feeling inspired to go pick up that paint brush!!

(the graphics in the first two frames were printed from The Graphics Fairy)

(I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on all three frames, the 1st is a mixture of provence and antibes green with highlighting done in old white, the 2nd is old white with french linen over it, the 3rd is antibes green with dark wax)



Thanks, Ms. Heidi!  I really loved your lesson today and can attest to the joy of buying $3.00 frames and fixing them up.  There’s something just so delightfully magical about taking something not-so-pretty and dressing it up with paint!

Ok, your homework is pretty easy this week!  Just take a pic of something you painted this week (doesn’t have to be a frame), email it to me, and you’ll get a gold star and a feature here on Adventures of Our Fami-Ly.

Happy painting!

4 thoughts on “Trade School session #10- Get your paint on!

  1. Heidi is awesomely talented! Although I am totally biased because I am her sister🙂 I’m glad she got to guest post because I’ve been looking around your site and I really love it!I’m more into cooking than crafts but I’m very impressed by (and jealous of) your DIY abilities!


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