Love Nest Update!


Hey guys—I’m still alive! Just buried under a mountain of boxes…

We’re moving on Saturday and I still have LOTS to do!  I think subconsciously I’ve been putting off packing because it means that this move is real.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited about our upcoming move to Taiwan, but I’m still sad to say goodbye to this sweet little apartment.  It has been Dave and my first house together.  So many memories…but that’s a tale for another day.


Now onto the progress in our love nest.  (You can see the first installment of pics here).

96% of the work is being done by my brother-in-law, Alan, who is gutting the bathroom.  He stripped the room down to the studs and has been doing all the work by himself. I can’t say enough of how amazed I am at this guy.  He and my sister did a gut job on their kitchen as well, and most of it he learned by checking out books from the library.  You can see pics of their kitchen and some of the bathroom at their blog, All Things to Allmen.

My small contribution has been painting, and I finally finished what will be our bedroom.





I still need to paint all the trim and the door.  Here’s a quick (and really bad) photo shop mock up of what it will look like when I finish tonight:



I have never painted a room with so many crazy angles.  I was essentially bent over backward for most of the time painting (and have the sore back to prove it!) 

And now onto the bathroom (can I repeat that I am NOT doing any of the bathroom work, it’s all my bro-in-law so you wont find any how-to’s here. Sorry!)


A quick refresher of what it looked like before:



Here’s our new tub (which I think is being installed as I type this—woot woot!)



The new vanity…



…and the oh-so-important toilet.



My sister found boxes of tile at a community garage sale and brought home these different varieties for only $5 a box!  She got more than enough tile to tile the walls of the shower, and the floor.  Score!




For the walls of the shower this white tile will be used and laid out in a subway style…



…and we’ll use this beautiful slate grey tile for the floor.



Here are some in-the-middle-of-construction photos for ya:







Here’s a shot of my sister new landlord standing next to the window her hubby installed



That’s all for now!

I’m off to try and prepare dinner with only small picnic-type plastic utensils.  Since we’ve already sold most of our kitchen stuff I’ve had to improvise in the kitchen lately. I warmed up my coffee this morning in a saucepan on the stove!

Next time I post I’ll officially be a Northsider—crazy!! (to all of you Chicagoans, you know what it means to move from Sox territory to Cubs territory).

5 thoughts on “Love Nest Update!

  1. Hi Sarah,I haven’t talked to you in awhile and so I came to your blog to catch up! Wow! I had no idea you were moving to Taiwan! You were such help to me when I started in the blogging world and I thank you for that. I do hope you will keep your blog when you move overseas so we can keep up with you. I admire you and your husband for answering the call and going where your heart is leading you. I wish you the best!Patty


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