Making progress…bathroom (almost done!) reveal


We have moved.  And I hated every minute of it (ok, maybe hate is a strong word.)  I strongly disliked every minute of it.

I hate strongly dislike packing.

I hate strongly dislike giving away and selling my things.

I hate strongly dislike loading boxes and unloading boxes.

I hate strongly dislike unpacking boxes.


But it’s over now and I’m SO SO relieved.  Well, let me clarify that statement.  The moving is over, not the unpacking. 

You see, before we moved we tried to do a major purge.  Apparently we did not purge enough.  Case in point here:



Not quite understanding yet?  Take a look at this:



or this:



We even took over some of the living room downstairs:


By the time we got MOST of our stuff upstairs to the love nest it was almost impossible to even walk in the room.

I seriously couldn’t believe how much stuff we still had, and didn’t think we’d ever find a place to put it.


This face says “ehhh why did I marry a girl with so much stuff?”


We may or may not have lost Lily a few times in the boxes, haha.

But before any of you call A&E and try to nominate me to be on an episode of Hoarders, let me tell you that there has been MAJOR progress made.  I don’t want to share pics now, since I’ll wait until it’s a little more pretty, but believe me—it’s better!


I DO want to show some pictures of the *almost* finished bathroom.  Alan has done such an amazing job, and he’s finally in the home stretch.  Take a look again at the before:



and a progress shot:



and what it looks like today:


The shower still needs to be grouted and sealed, shower fixtures installed, and shower curtain/accessories added but it has come a LONG way!




Again, the tile still needs to be grouted, but didn’t he do such a great job as a first time tiler?  Almost every piece of tile had to be custom measured and cut, one tile at a time.



We LOVE it and kind of feel guilty that Alan worked so hard on this bathroom and won’t be the one using it.


Hopefully within the week I’ll have “after” or at least “progress” shots of the rest of the love nest. 



Besides the construction and unpacking we all seem to be adjusting well to living together. I’m loving all the extra time with my nephew Andrew and even our pup Lily seems to feel at home.

So, what do you all think of the bathroom? What’s your favorite part? The tile? Vanity?

8 thoughts on “Making progress…bathroom (almost done!) reveal

  1. I don’t think anyone enjoys packing or unpacking, it just stinks! I think everyone has more stuff then they think they do, so don’t worry about being nominated for Hoarders anytime soon! I am sure it will turn out to be a lovely Love Nest as soon as you are all settled in. Give yourself some time.As for the bathroom, I think he did a fantastic job! I would never have known it was his first time tiling unless you told me. It looks very professional and when it is grouted it will perfect!I hope you can begin to enjoy living with your family and getting your nest set up the way you want.


  2. When you feel like you’re being crushed under the weight of all your belongings, just run into the bathroom and lock the door! You can get some quality alone time in there!Love the tile – can’t believe it was a first time job! And the b/w color scheme rocks!!From one Hoarder to another,Kelly


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