Anniversary week part 3…Chinese tea ceremony


The wedding love continues, ya’ll.  So far I’ve shared photos of us getting ready and the ceremony.  Today I’ll be sharing photos from our tea ceremony. 

The tea ceremony is a Chinese tradition where the bride and groom serve tea to members of the groom’s family.  It’s a sign of respect to the family members and the groom’s family gives their blessing to the couple by offering jewelry and lucky money and love.

For the tea ceremony I changed into a traditional Chinese dress, it was beautiful!

sarah   dave - small-1007

sarah   dave - small-1009


sarah   dave - small-1011

sarah   dave - small-1016

sarah   dave - small-1023

sarah   dave-1018

sarah   dave - small-1033


sarah   dave-1043

sarah   dave-1049

sarah   dave-1063

sarah   dave-1071

sarah   dave-1087

sarah   dave - small-1084

sarah   dave - small-1103


Tomorrow (or Monday…) we’ll be taking a walk down wedding reception memory lane. Woo hoo!

5 thoughts on “Anniversary week part 3…Chinese tea ceremony

  1. What a beautiful tradition and the photos of the 2 of you are just gorgeous. You make a very handsome couple! The dress on you is fab! Red is your color girlfriend! And aren’t you lucky to get all that wonderful jewelry! What did your husband get….oh yeah….he got you! LOL! Lucky man! Tee Hee! Seriously though it looks like you married into a very wonderful family and I’m sure they feel the same way about you.


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