Anniversary week part 4…the reception


Alright, we’re getting to the end of this 2-year anniversary wrap-up.

In case you’ve missed any of my previous post, be sure to catch up!

Part 1: Getting Ready

Part 2: The Ceremony

Part 3: The Chinese Tea Ceremony

And now onto the reception.  Party time!

Actually because we had our wedding on a Sunday (sooo much cheaper!) and it was in the ‘burbs, most of our guest were able to stay and party the night away.  That was perfectly ok with us since we were pooped and left the reception early!


Some of my DIY touches:

sarah   dave - small-1105

sarah   dave - small-1106

sarah   dave - small-1107

sarah   dave - small-1128

sarah   dave - small-1129

The red silk on the head table and the chocolate brown silks on the guest tables were all bought in China and brought over by my sister. I loved them! (and still have tons left if anyone is looking to buy *wink wink*)

sarah   dave - small-1463

Dave’s parents individually wrote the double happiness character on all 250 of our favors! A coffee cup (representing my addiction love for java) filled with Dave’s favorite candies (the man has a serious sugary sweet tooth).


sarah   dave - small-1482

sarah   dave - small-1483

sarah   dave - small-1486


And here’s how the evening went:

sarah   dave - small-1155

sarah   dave - small-1198

sarah   dave - small-1234

Our first dance to “Make You Feel My Love” sung by Mick McAuley.


sarah   dave - small-1218

This was one of the many, many times I cried that day…


sarah   dave - small-1235

sarah   dave - small-1257

My sister and matron of honor, Rachel, gave a funny and heartfelt toast.


sarah   dave - small-1278

I got to meet my nephew Jadon for the first time!


sarah   dave - small-1282

Best man, Larry, gave a great toast!


sarah   dave - small-1109

This cake was totally delicious!


sarah   dave - small-1303


sarah   dave - small-1325

sarah   dave - small-1386

sarah   dave - small-1401

This is where my dad surprised me with a slideshow of pictures of us with the song “Daddy Don’t You Know” playing in the background. It’s a father/daughter duet by Steve and Annie Chapman that we had sung together when I was a little girl.  Still makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

sarah   dave - small-1410

Love my dad!


sarah   dave - small-1461

My nephew Joshua definitely stole the show with his sweet dance moves.  I think his signature move was the jumping jack.


sarah   dave - small-1471

sarah   dave - small-1476

sarah   dave - small-1478

Can you guess what song was playing during the previous three pictures???


sarah   dave - small-1490

I love how in this picture I have an extra arm coming out of my hip, haha.

sarah   dave - small-1502

Probably one of the more awkward traditions at a wedding I must admit.


We did manage to sneak away and get some more lovey dovey shots:

sarah   dave - small-1480


sarah   dave - small-1481


None of these shots would have been possible without our amazing photographers, Alice and Jared.  Seriously people, book them!

sarah   dave - small-1279

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