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Apple Chips


I am a big snacker.

I mean, who isn’t?

Unfortunately most snacks are not healthy, especially those that are sweet or crunchy.  Well, I have the perfect healthy snack that is both sweet and crunchy.

apple chip close up

Apple chips!

These delicious cuties are the perfect answer to your sweet tooth and won’t add any inches to your waist.

Plus, with fall in full swing you’ll be able to use the sweetest, freshest apples of the year.



My only complaint about them is that they do take a long time to make.

Two hours.

Yeah, I know.  But, all that time they are just sitting in the oven.  You can go on with your daily activities while they crisp away.



And now to try out my new recipe maker ( you can print it right off my blog post!):

[gmc_recipe 467]

10 thoughts on “Apple Chips

  1. Sarah, I was just going to look for a recipe to make apple chips when I saw your post. I buy apple chips at the store, and I like them, but I wanted to make my own so I know what is going in them. We have so many food allergies at our house. Thanks so much for the post, I’m going to make some this afternoon!


  2. I have done these yummy treats in the dyhydrator I normally use for herbs. Tomaintain the whiter-apple-color, I often run the slices through a quick bath mixture of lemon juice with a bit of water prior to dehydrating.


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