How to Make and Old Home Look New

It sounds impossible but it’s not. An old house can be made to look like a new one with a few simple steps. Pick and choose the ones that are feasible for you. In no time and with very little money you can have a house that looks just like new!

Look carefully at the exterior. Do you have any old toys, patio furniture, garden hoses, old cars or bicycles laying around? Clean them up! Hide them in the garage, give them away, sell them or toss them in the trash. Simply cleaning around the exterior will freshen it up. If your pool’s deck needs to be repaired, hire a pool deck repair service to repair it.

Next, if you can afford it, hire a professional water pressure cleaning company to power wash your walkways and exterior. It is cheaper than repainting the outside of the house but if you are on a super-tight budget, rent a power washing machine and do the work yourself. Add or repair your concrete stairs and walkways to achieve the right texture, color, thickness, and style. Corpus Christi has great services and concrete contractor to your concrete needs.

Another quick pick-me-up for the outside is landscaping. Add a small tree surrounded by impatiens as a border and you instantly have color and added beauty. You can also re-stucco your home to make it look new again. Re-stuccoing can add beauty and value to your whole home. San Jose has the best stucco contractor that has great skills to do their job.

For the inside, decluttering is a must. Clean everything – walls, baseboards, and windows. It is a lot of work but the work will be worthwhile when you see how new the place looks and feels. Freshen things up more with bright or white curtains and a fresh coat of paint. Ideally, paint the walls white to give it a new look and feel. If you have a busy household that tends to be messy, try using an offwhite color. Another is replacing your old roofs. Find a roofing company with an expert roof contractor and high-quality roofing products.

Another is resurfacing you deck. It can make your old home look new again. Hire a skilled deck builder to resurface it.

Replace any old outlets. Add new outlet covers, too. They cost under a dollar at most hardware stores so why not buy as many as you need and replace them all? Your house will really start to look like its old self again. Try some of these tips and see for yourself.

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