My Daily Kitchen Cleaning Routine Explained

In my efforts to maintain a sparkling clean home, I’ve developed a kitchen cleaning routine that enables me to obtain a maximum of results with a minimum of effort. I want to share my routine with you so that you can benefit from my experience.

Every morning, I vacuum and mop the floor. As I enjoy walking barefoot, I want the floors to be perfectly clean at all times. Even if you wear shoes, you should try to mop your kitchen floor for a few days in a row. I guarantee you that you’ll love the feeling of stepping on a spotless floor.

Sometimes I dust the shelves and the kitchen counter. I do it daily only during the dry season when there’s a lot of dust coming through the windows. For the rest of the year, I only do it once every three or four days.

When I cook, I always do the dishes right away. I hate big piles of pots and pans, so I do my best to clean, wipe and range everything as soon as I’m done with the cooking. In addition, I carefully wipe and disinfect all surfaces. This is a very effective method to prevent contamination and food poisoning. In cleaning grease traps, I always contact grease trap Seattle to clean and pump it.

Next, I clean the sink and the faucets. Dirty sinks are a source of germs and bacteria. You should never leave food leftovers in the sink overnight. Besides, grease and food residues will develop bad smells if left alone for too long. There was a time that our faucet leaks and waters start to flow until our bathroom is full of water. I called the water damage restoration company to clean it up.

Although some people don’t find it necessary, I like to clean my dish sponge every evening. When I’m done for the day, one of the last things I do is to microwave the dish sponge. Like this, I know that it will be ready to use first thing in the morning.

We also replaced our roof because there are watermarks on our ceiling in the kitchen. It replaced by Maui roofing contractor.

When I’m done with all these, I know I can go to rest.

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