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Welcome to Adventures Of Our Fami-Ly, I’m so glad you’re here!  Here at the Fami-Ly you’ll read about our lives in Taiwan, our journey through grieving our daughter Sophia, recipes, tips on healthy living, crafting ideas, sewing projects, and who knows what else!

Wanna know more about me?

My name is Sarah and I am the lover of many things. My first love is Jesus Christ my Savior. The love of my life is my wonderful husband, and best friend, Dave. We currently live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and are serving as “tent makers.”  What is a tent maker?  It’s a reference to Acts 18:3 when the apostle Paul moved to Corinth to live and preach while supporting himself as a tent maker. We think of ourselves as missionaries here, but are not financially supported by any organization or specific church.  We are working as English teachers at local cram schools to support ourselves, and are seeking to use the rest of our time to further His kingdom in Taiwan.

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Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the name of our blog… Why is “fami-Ly” with a hyphen? Well, our last name is Ly so it’s a play on words. You get to make all sorts of fun puns when your last name is an adverb!

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-Sarah and Dave